What Is the Allowed Vision for Driving In California That Requires Glasses?

Article submitted by Delta Driving School.

There is nothing whatsoever that prevents a person who wears glasses from getting a driver’s license, but it will show as a restriction on your license that you must wear corrective lenses while driving at all times. If you can pass the sight test without lenses, then it is recommended that you do so.

For best results you can start by making sure that you have rested well the night before your test and by wearing glasses instead of contact lenses on the day of your test. This way, when it is time to take your sight test, you can tell the worker that you wish to try the test without your glasses which are much easier to take off and on than contacts would be.

You need at least 20/40 vision in one or both eyes in order to pass the test without corrective lenses of some kind, with the weaker eye having vision no worse than 20/70 vision. Anything worse than that will require corrective lenses, with anything worse than 20/200 vision potentially preventing you from getting your driver’s license even with corrective lenses.

Bioptic telescopic lenses are permitted in this state while driving, but you may not use anything but regular glasses or contacts in order to meet the minimum 20/200 vision requirement. In other words, if you can pass 20/200 vision testing without bioptic lenses then you can get your license and drive with them on.

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