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    Choose the Best Filling for your Couch

    Choosing a new cushion filling for your couch doesn’t have to involve as much research as you probably think it would. It’s actually fairly simple. Couch fillings usually consist of foam, feathers, polyester, or all of them together. This is a long term investment and should be bought for longevity and quality. The best types of filling stay soft and comfortable for years. Here are some brief descriptions of each type of materials that you can fill your cushion with. If you want to stress softness when it comes to new cushions, you would most likely be happy with a feather-filled one. A cheaper option, many of the feathers come…

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    Reupholstering a Sofa with Polyurethane Foam

    Written by: The Foam Factory Polyurethane foam is one of the most versatile substances used in modern manufacturing, and it’s an excellent material for a hobbyist to use in sofa foam replacement for the home. Reupholstering projects are simple, and they cost significantly less than buying a new couch. All you need is some custom cut foam shapes and new fabrics for the couch. You would also benefit from some sewing skill, but iron-on zippers are available for covers. The project takes a solid weekend’s worth of work, but the end result is something completely different for your space. After you’ve tried one, you’ll probably want to do the whole…

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    Designing an Affordable and Stylish College Dorm

    Written by: BeddingStyle How would you build the perfect dorm room? Shelving is a good idea to start with, because there is never enough space, but you’d need to consider designer bedding and furniture too. College is as much a lesson in schooling as it is in budgeting. If you’re leaving for college soon, it’s a good idea to consider what your dorm room will look like. Bedding You don’t need to go designer for college dorm bedding, but it’s nice if you can afford to. Mainly, you want to be conscious of thread count. The more threads there are in a particular set, the softer that set is usually.…

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    Practical Gifts for New Parents

    Parents of a new born have a difficult job ahead of themselves. The day-to-day care for a baby can quickly become overwhelming, and there are a lot of things parents find themselves needing that no one tells them about. If you know someone becoming a new parent, consider helping them out with one of the following practical gifts for new parents. Basics Diapers, clothes and bottles are necessities. The trouble is that parents quickly run out of diapers, bottles need cleaning and kids outgrow clothes very quickly in their early years. Grab some extra onesies and stock up on diapers. You can gift someone a year’s worth of diapers from…

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    Practice Hobbies At Home With Foam

    For people trying to advance or improve in their hobbies, the biggest roadblock is often carving out the time to practice. This is particularly an issue with sporting hobbies that demand a substantial amount of dedicated space to play. With sports like baseball, golf, and hockey, the garage or driveway isn’t going to provide a space where you can safely or smartly practice. 3LB memory foam, four inches thick, is adequate padding for absorbing the force of line drives and pitching machine tosses when installed in a secure batting area. Mounted against a wall with a protective fabric covering, memory foam absorbs impact instantly without the “bounce back” of non-visco-elastic…

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    Warm Chilly Rooms with Draft Blockers

    One of the most agitating issues homeowners and renters face in their homes is a drafty doorway. Big picture, they don’t carry the level of seriousness as plumbing or structural issues, but drafts make buildings uncomfortable and inefficient; two things no building should be. Sometimes, a draft can cut through a room far from the source it originates from, making it an even harder issue to solve. When you’re able to locate a draft as originating from a door, the easiest solution is a draft blocker; a simple weighted or slide-on system that blocks the movement of unwanted air. Draft blockers are made in two typical styles. The more secure…

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    Support Your Neck Smartly with Foam Neck Pillows

    Whether you’re trying to snag a little shut-eye during a red-eye, or dragging yourself into bed at the end of a hard day’s work, neck support in your sleeping pillow is important to getting the kind of rest you need. When most people think about pillows, they usually don’t think of it as much more than a cushion for the head. What many people seem to overlook is how important neck support is in a pillow. A properly supported neck means better spinal alignment, comfort, and sleep. Not all pillows are equal though, and even a pillow one person thinks is great can be a disaster for another. Your sleep…

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    Fit Your Kayak with Personalized Seats and Padding

    Kayaking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities, blending exercise with a new perspective on the world – looking out from the water, rather than out to it. For the most experienced kayakers, their vessels function like extensions of their bodies. The better they fit, the more control and maneuverability a kayaker has, and it makes for a more comfortable experience as well. Most kayaks are formed from generic molds however, meaning few people fit into them perfectly right off the rack. For snug personalization and comfort that helps kayakers paddle for longer, firm foam is a material people have turned to to fit hulls to their bodies,…

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    Foam Has Made Living Easier

    Making foam by using rubber goes as far back as 500 B.C. Then the synthetic foam was developed in the early 1900s and today this material is widely used in every aspect of people’s daily lives. Some of these fields are construction, transportation, sound reduction, manufacturing, upholstering and mattress making. The weightlessness and easy to install qualities made foam a popular material in these industries. Canada Foam By Mail has been in foam product business since 1980s. The company evolved with the scientific developments of the quality of foam. Today, Canada Foam By Mail markets high quality products from mattresses to soundproofing material. The company has a wide range of…

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    Finally Enjoy Camping with Insulating Foam Pads

    Getting away from the daily 9-to-5 isn’t just fun, it’s important to recharge your batteries and keep yourself from getting run down. One of the most popular vacations from the everyday is to pack the bags, load the RV, and go camping. For most people, camping is a love-or-hate activity. One of the reasons people seem to align themselves with the hate-side of the line isn’t a dislike for nature or the outdoors, however. If somebody is unable to get a good night’s sleep during a camping vacation, their mood is often ruined, and so is the entire experience. On top of it, once you return to the real world,…

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