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    How bass traps work for sound absorption

    Blog provided by The Foam Factory If you’re familiar with acoustic foam, you probably know the basics of how it works. Sound waves cause echoes and reverberations when they bounce off hard surfaces that reflect them throughout a room. By installing acoustic foam panels, you can eliminate many of those echoes through the foam’s sound absorption qualities, including dissipating the energy from sound waves as heat. It might surprise you to know that there are also other types of acoustic foam that help absorb specific types of sound waves. Bass traps or bass blockers are designed to absorb low-frequency sounds. This is important for smaller rooms because these spaces tend…

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    Buying a used RV or camper? Here’s why you should replace the cushions

    Blog provided by The Foam Factory Road tripping with your friends or family in an RV or camper can be an unforgettable experience. However, mobile home vehicles are not cheap, and sometimes, buying a used mobile home is the most practical choice. The problem with used mobile homes is that you might end up inheriting the previous owner’s problems. After buying a used vehicle, you might notice that your RV or camper cushions might not be in the best shape. More than likely, a rotating group of people has sat and lounged in those seats for years. As a result, the cushions might be lumpy, uneven, or flat. You might…

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    Prehung Doors vs. Slab Doors

    Article by Best Businesses A prehung exterior door and a slab door are two options that you can choose from when it’s time for a replacement. A slab is a door itself without the frame. A prehung door is set in a frame. Each option has its own benefits, and there is no clear winner. Ultimately, it’s how comfortable you feel when it comes to the installation process. Prehung Doors If you don’t have an existing door frame, you might want to purchase a prehung door, because you won’t have to worry about severely damaging the surrounding area around the door itself. If your previous frame is so damaged or…

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    A “Greener” Option For Your Household Furniture

    Written by: The Foam Factory You may not realize it, but your sofa may be a home for petroleum and all of its hazardous side effects. Thanks to new technology, there are greener options that you can take advantage of to keep your household safe and clean. Here are some tips on why you should convert to a “green” sofa today. Many household furniture items including sofa cushions, bedding, and chairs, contain chemicals that can be hazardous to one’s health. Furthermore, once disposed, it wreaks havoc on the environment. Now, in order to turn your home around into an environmentally friendly option, you’ll want to obtain healthy sustainable furnishings to…

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    Don’t Jump the Gun When Painting your Doors

      Article written by Proud Indianz For Colorado native Allison, do-it-yourself projects have always been a hobby. While the majority of them turn out to look like they should, sometimes a small error can cause a massive headache. Allison loves the color of black to go on her interior doors. She loves it so much that one day she decided to go on a painting spree and blacken out ten doors in her home. So she begins on her first door. No problems though so far as it matches her living room perfectly. She continues on to her second door and excitedly finishes it. She breezes through the next eight…

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    Choose the Best Filling for your Couch

    Choosing a new cushion filling for your couch doesn’t have to involve as much research as you probably think it would. It’s actually fairly simple. Couch fillings usually consist of foam, feathers, polyester, or all of them together. This is a long term investment and should be bought for longevity and quality. The best types of filling stay soft and comfortable for years. Here are some brief descriptions of each type of materials that you can fill your cushion with. If you want to stress softness when it comes to new cushions, you would most likely be happy with a feather-filled one. A cheaper option, many of the feathers come…

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    Choosing Durable Exterior Doors

    When you are ready to replace your front doors, you have several factors that you need to consider. The aesthetic qualities of the doors are important but you also need to think about their durability. You want your front doors to last for as long as you’re in the house so it’s important that they are made from sturdy materials that will resist wear and damages. Many people assume that you need to choose a non-wood material such as fiberglass or steel in order to have truly durable exterior doors. It’s certainly true that you can choose one of these materials and wind up with an entry door that will…

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    How to extend the life of your furniture

    Written by The Foam Factory With adequate care you could prolong the life and durability of your furniture. However, it is inevitable that during the lifespan of a furniture some parts would have to be refreshed and replaced. The upholstery for instance, is the part that is most prone to be damaged. Damage Causes Furniture made out fabric often lose some of their shape and color with time. Moreover, upholstery that are made out of faux-leather are often cracked in various spots. People having pets often see their furniture damaged by their claws. Apart from the exterior parts, the foam would be needing replacement as well. After several years of…

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    Tips for Creating Quality Pillows

    Written by The Foam Factory Quality pillows might be hard to find on sale in department stores and even in specialized shops. Pillows tend to lose their shape, becoming flat and saggy after years of use. Some people opt to make their own pillows in order to be able to control the quality of the materials used. This also allows them to produce different shapes and sizes of custom made pillows. Here are some tips on creating your own quality pillows and custom cushion. Gather Materials The first step to start with would be to gather quality materials for the assembly of your pillows. The definition of quality for each…

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    How to Make Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

    Written by Foam Factory, Inc. For people who love DIY projects, making your own cushions is one of the most gratifying ways to embellish your outdoors. There are a few steps to follow when undertaking such a project. However, with a little patience and creativity, you will be able to make some wonderful and unique creations. Outdoor Fabric The first step of carrying out such a project would revolve around gathering the required materials. Normally you would be requiring some good canvas twill or fabrics suited for the outdoors. Some outdoor impermeable fabric would be more suited for this project. However, you might also want to enquire at a local…

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