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    Selling a Home Online Is a Viable Alternative

    The old-fashioned way of selling a home requires a lot of patience and time – not to mention the stress you’re going to have to deal with. Thanks to online technology, the home-selling process can be simplified. With many established online real estate networks, you’re now able to sell your home completely online. Here are some of the main reasons why going this route is a solid alternate option. It’s Relatively Painless If you’re taking the route of selling your home online, the most work that you’re going to have to do is entering a set amount of information required by the site. Many sites will also offer you a…

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    Ways to Help a Struggling Homeowner

    Article written by Elite Sites, Website reviews If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage and are stressing out on the bank seizing your home, you’re not alone. You may be thinking that your house might be next on the list of foreclosures but you have to remember that there is hope. You have several options that will lessen your mortgage woes and reduce your monthly payments. While each financial situation is different, here are some options that you can take advantage of to save your beloved home. Refinancing Refinancing to a longer loan period will lower your monthly mortgage payments but spread it out for a longer time period. This…

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    The Importance of Reading a Rental Agreement

    Article written by Sweet Happening, happy news from around the world Throughout the course of life, people want to experience the independence of living on their own – whether it is a house or an apartment. You’ll come across a legal document known as a lease. Now, you may be inclined to sign the document right after skimming through it but this is not recommended. Sure, the legalities and all of the verbiage in it may come off confusing but it’s important to know what you’re signing off to. Here are some important parts of your lease that you should pay attention to. Find out how much the rent is…

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    Should You Rent-to-Own a Home?

    Renters who want to own a home may lack a down-payment or solid credit needed to obtain a mortgage loan from a conventional lender. Rent-to-own properties may require the renter to fix certain items in the home or, in other instances, require the renter to make at least a year’s rental payments on time. Although specifics vary by rent-to-own lenders, it’s possible for renters to own a home when their ability to borrow from the bank or down-payment funds is restricted. Considerations Rent-to-own properties are likely to cost more than comparative properties available for outright purchase. It’s important to review the terms and conditions from the private lender to make…

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    What Can You Do to Increase the Real Estate Value of Your Home?

    By Al Donohue If you have a home in Ridgewood, NJ, you’ve already hit the jackpot in a number of ways. Ridgewood is synonymous with affluence and is easily as safe and pleasant to the eyes. But we all want to do more to increase our property value. For one, this often makes it more enjoyable for us. However, it also means you get a return on your home when you sell it, just like a traditional investment. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do for a Ridgewood home to make sure you get more back when you finally sell it. The obvious recommendation is to first ensure the basement is…

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    Getting That Dream House with a Budget

    While buying a new home can be an exciting prospect, new home owners need to approach this enterprise without any blinders on. Buying a home needs to be approached with a serious perspective. While the journey may be filled with new beginnings for you and yours, it can turn into a struggle if proper planning hasn’t been set in stone. With so many variables that can occur, a thorough game plan can go a long way towards making the dream a reality. Creating a realistic budget is the first step in buying property. Making the decision to invest should have been brought about with a sense of gravity. Planning a…

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    Tips for Buying Real Estate

    Buying a home, especially your first home, can be a life altering event.  It’s a big deal!  Your home becomes your haven in the midst of a stress-filled life.  For that reason, you should find a home that helps you unwind and relax at the end of the day.  The home you buy can also impact your credit score for years to come. Here are some of the top tips when scoping out the real estate market: 1) Do your homework: What exactly does that mean?  It means that you should know all of your information before scouring the marketplace.  In other words, have information on hand such as your…

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    Buying a Home within Your Budget

    So, you’re buying your first home and feel that your finances are in the right place to do so.  You’ve found a home you would like to make an offer on and feel that it’s in your budget.  This article highlights some of the commonly overlooked details in a home-buying budget. There are many costs that go along with homeownership which many people don’t take into account.  Using a mortgage calculator is a great starting point to determine the price range that you can afford.  You need to evaluate what size of a down payment you can afford to make.  You also need to prepare for a home inspection which…

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    Houses: sometimes smaller is better

    Article Submitted By – Jerry Armen Many people grow up dreaming of someday owning their own home and most of them fantasize about a big house. The fantasy is rarely filled with details, or they would realize that road is filled with its own headaches. In fact, life can be much more pleasant with a humble home. The large house introduces many more responsibilities than the smaller home. If you are ready to take these on, then more power to you. Consider the fact that the larger size means more weekly cleaning, inside and out. There are many more places the house can fail due to deterioration. So inspections are…

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    Benefits of a Floor Scrubber

    If there is anything that is true of using a floor scrubber, it is the fact that this machine has changed the way you clean your home or office premises. Of course, if you would have used a broom, a pail of water, and a brush in order to clean your home, you would see the difference in the effort exerted almost immediately. For one, these machines have been designed to complete a cleaning task far more effectively and efficiently than is possible with the aforementioned implements used earlier. But the beauty of these machines is the fact that designers have realized that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, and…

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