How to “Carefully” Shop Online for Furniture

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Summary: Shopping for furniture online is extremely easy when it’s all said and done. But, it’s crucial that you buy from a reputable site.

Furniture is expensive, no question about it. But, with the surge of online shopping becoming today’s trend, there are now a wide variety of options to choose from instead of your local brick & mortar. Here are some of the best tips on how you can go about choosing an online shop for your next furniture piece.

Research Ahead of Time

The Internet tends to operate as a sort of open marketplace, with reliability being somewhat of an issue with the thousands of furniture stores out there. Purchasing furniture from popular sites, such as Wicker Paradise, that have security systems implemented is one of the best ways to avoid being scammed or duped. Take the time to research the website, what type of furniture you’re planning to buy, and also whether or not you’re getting the best deal.

Take a Look At the Company’s About Us Page

Start your research by taking a look at the company’s About Us page. The more popular companies will have an in-depth description about their company, including history and information about their customer service as well as their satisfaction guarantees. The site’s page should also include a telephone number as well as an address. Reputable companies always have a way to contact them offline, no matter what. Imagine buying replacement patio cushions at a store that offers a massive discount only to find out that they were improperly packaged and damaged en route. Upset, you go on their website only to find out that there is no return address and a disconnected phone line. This unfortunate situation can happen to anyone, which is why it’s crucial that you verify the integrity of the company itself before you do business with them.

How to Keep Your Dog Away From Your Flower Beds

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Summary: Dogs tend to let their curiosity take over when it comes to playing outside. This could end up with you seeing your beloved plants trampled and destroyed.

Are you searching for a solution that’ll prevent your garden from being destroyed by your furry friend? Here are some tips that’ll protect your beloved garden from being “doghandled” while you’re away.

Block Off Your Garden Area

Flower beds tend to be an alternate resting spot for your pup. Simply drive some small, stubby stakes into the ground throughout the flower bed and they’ll essentially deter them away from your garden. Additionally, if you want your dog to stay out of freshly mulched or seeded beds, try planting some thorny branches into the ground at regular intervals. This way, if they try sniffing around, they’ll be met with a small prick. If you’re thinking this can result in some serious damage to your dog’s nose, many pitbull breeders do this to keep them away from damaging any gardens that they might have.

A wire fence surrounding your flower bed might be an eyesore for many, but it’s an effective way to keep your dog from running wild amongst your garden. And, they’ll know it’s a “no entry” zone when they go near it and won’t even try to enter the territory.

Many homeowners tend to hit their dog and yell at them frequently when they go near the garden. While this might deter them from entering the area, curiosity tends to get the best of them, especially when they see something they want to chase after. You’ll need a solid barrier to prevent them from jumping over or entering your garden. Remember, physical and verbal abuse is never the solution when you’re training your little one.

Create a Separate Playground for your Dog

If you’re looking to prevent dogs from digging in the ground, the experts at Iron King Kennels, have stated that creating a separate play area with a bare spot of soil typically does the trick. Try digging a large and shallow hole and gently nudge them towards it. If they feel comfortable in that area, they’ll know that that’s their designated spot to dig around and bury their toys, as opposed to your garden.

Another useful gardening tip to help protect your dog from getting fleas is to use cedar chips for pathways in beds. This deters fleas and keeps your dog clean and clear of any fleas that might want to find a permanent home in your dog’s fur coat. It’s a useful, and cheap, trick that’s worked for years.

How to Revamp Your Backyard Patio

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Summary: A chic patio is something every homeowner wants. This guide can help you get there.

Is your patio lacking the aesthetic appeal that you’ve been longing for? This guide is designed to showcase the various types of patio furniture pieces that you can add to your backyard to make it a visually-stunning area that’ll be the envy of all of your friends.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Start by clearing out all your old furniture pieces that are worn and weathered. While they may still have a year or two left on them, if they look out of place and have a now “vintage” feel to them, you might want to consider parting ways. You want to start from scratch. This way, you can choose a theme that best fits your patio style the best.

Once everything’s been cleared and designated for “keeps” and “trash”, do a thorough cleaning of your entire patio. The worst thing that can happen is placing some brand new polyurethane foam sheets on your shiny patio chair only to find out that you’ve just crushed a nest of spiders and other creepy crawlers. Try and wash down every part of your patio and do a deep scrub. If your patio is littered with cobwebs and dead bugs, utilize a powerful bug spray that’ll keep bugs away from your precious space.

Pick a Theme and Go For It

Now that you have a clean space to work with, you’ll want to decide on a theme. Whether it’s contemporary, mid-century modern or whatever you’d like, you’ll want to explore all the options that you have when it comes to purchasing the right furniture pieces. Remember, there are variety of suppliers and manufacturers that sell pieces based on a specific theme. Or, if you want to take the DIY route, companies like the Foam Factory, Inc. can provide you with foam-based materials that you can utilize in all of your patio furniture pieces.

Next, you’ll want to find patio pieces that are both UV and weather resistant to maximize their lifespan. Sure, some pieces might look fantastic outdoors, but when the harsh weather starts to roll around, it’s likely that you’ll have to find a replacement after a couple of months. Not all furniture pieces are built the same. Some may be strictly for an indoor space while others can ward off the spontaneous elements. There are so many options that are available to you, now you just need to take the initiative to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sometimes Flowers Need Extra Protection

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Written by: California Mailboxes

While gardening generally requires a good amount of persistence and patience, gardens might need extra care and attention during the winter season. Some tender plants might unfortunately be at risk even in the lightest frost. Some plants might also require additional support to be able to grow properly. Fortunately there are several ways in which plants can be protected from the cold and wind.


In order to protect your plants from the adverse effects of winter wind and temperature, you might consider wrapping them gently. This will protect flowering plants and their delicate flowers especially.

Potting Flowers

You might also consider keeping your plants potted rather than planting them directly in the soil. This will enable you to move them into direct sunlight when they might be needing it and to keep them indoors if the need be.

Keeping them indoors

Delicate flowers might be better off indoors. They will also provide a touch of color to your room and uplift the decor.

Know when to do it

You might plan to start protecting your flowers even before winter is here. Otherwise they might already start getting damaged with the first winter winds.

Temporary greenhouse

You might protect your flowers by building a temporary greenhouse from fencing and visqueen. Electric fence supplies can also help to keep animals and insects at bay.

Rethink your lawn and garden strategy

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Article Written by: California Mailboxes

Rain has been a problem for many parts of the country. The West Coast, especially California, faced one of the driest years in recorded history. The East coast is facing floods and other disasters. Those who are living in the West Coast may not be able to maintain their East Coast English Garden style any more. Severe drought in the West, especially in California, has caused water suppliers to cut water supplies and increase rates they charge for water.

Reducing the amount of lawn or eliminating them altogether is one option to save much sought after water. Instead people who live on the West Coast should consider Mediterranean gardens that use less water, promote pollination and cut down air and noise pollution associated with lawns. Winter planting is ecologically optimal for new gardens. Do your homework before you rethink your garden strategy. Also talk to your local garden shop or city’s water department. They may be a wealth of information about water efficient gardens and plants. Find water wise, fire resistant, and bug free plants. The more time you spend on researching alternative plant palettes for your next garden, the more successful you will be getting a dream garden. Planning is the key.

Protect Your Animals with an Electric Fence

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1By Farm Supply Store

If you own any type of animal that needs to get outside, it’s probably a good idea to install a fence. Whether you have dogs or cows, fences are necessary for letting your animal get outside, run around and even eat without needing your constant attention.

That being said, there are a ton of options out there to choose from. Of all of them, an electric dog fence is probably the way to go. Even if you’re using it for some other type of animal, this version is bound to give you the best results.

For one thing, obviously, this type of a fence is going to keep your animals on one side and any unwanted creatures on the other. That’s the whole point.

But it’s also very affordable too. As long as you do some shopping around, you’ll find that it can be a very cost-effective measure.

Then there’s the fact that it can be installed virtually anywhere. If you have a large property with woody areas, you can just install the fence right through it without having to alter the vegetation in any way.

An electric fence brings more to the table than any other option on the market and you won’t have to break the bank either.


No matter what kinds of animals you own, electric fence installation should be a priority. Farm fencing has come a very long way in a very short amount of time, which means Farm Supply Store can handle this at a very affordable price.

The Different Door Material Types

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 photo The Different Door Material Types_zps6lwrcrd2.pngWhen purchasing a new entry door, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Some of the most popular include: wood, fiberglass, and steel. Each of these materials are unique in their own way in that they each have selective characteristics that differentiate from each other. One thing that all of them do have in common however, are that they are all commonly used as an entry door due to their sturdiness and aesthetically pleasing looks.


Wooden doors are a common option for homes because of their grainy look to them. Beautiful to the eye, wooden doors can withstand lots of damage to them while also giving your home a natural finish to it. One of the issues with wood though is that they can warp and bend over time due to weather factors. Wood is generally the most expensive material for an entry door. But, many homeowners can vouch that these doors sometimes make the home. If you’re looking to purchase a wooden door, be sure that you don’t settle for the lowest price as will lead to nothing but problems.


Fiberglass doors have become more popular in today’s home because they resist denting and scratching, require little maintenance, and can look like a wood-grain if desired. Quality is important when it comes to fiberglass simply because you don’t want it to fall apart.


Steel doors are durable and a cheaper option. They are set apart from other materials by their gauge number. The higher the number, the thinner the steel will be. Because of how inexpensive they are, they have become a common choice for door replacements. Also note that they come in a large variety of styles and colors.

Bio: What differentiates ETO Doors most from other door companies is their constant pursuit to offer industry leading doors constructions for prices below wholesale. ETO Doors nationwide presence and the sale of thousands of doors every month allow them to provide the highest quality products at the guaranteed lowest price, nationwide. Take a look at all of the positive ETO Doors reviews online today.

Density Matters for Foam Seat Cushions

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Foam Seat CushionsWhen it comes to selecting the right foam for a replacement sofa cushion, density matters. Choose a foam that will stand up to the constant pressure of people sitting on it in order to have cushions that will last.

Written by the Foam Factory, Inc.

Replacing the foam in your sofa cushions is a great way to breathe new life into an older piece of furniture. With a small investment of time and money, you can get your couch to feel as comfortable as it did when it was first purchased. However, not just any foam will do. You need to make sure that you are buying the right cushion foam in order to get the right feel for your sofa.

You might be tempted to go down to your local fabric store and purchase a low density piece of foam to use as the replacement foam cushion. While this can work as a short-term fix if you need something cheap and quickly, you’re also getting what you pay for. Low-density foams will compact and wear down quickly, meaning that you’ll soon have the same problems with uncomfortable foam cushions that you had before.

Instead, it’s important to purchase a foam that is dense enough to last through years of use. As you might expect, the seats on your sofa will see the most impact, so it’s important that they have the foam with the highest density levels. One way to tell this is by looking at the Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) rating of the foam. This is a basic rating that shows the density of the foam. You’ll typically want a foam with an ILD of 25-35 for your sofa seat cushions. Back cushions will receive less constant pressure and can be a lighter density, usually between 15-25 ILD.

The Foam Factory, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of replacement foam for couches, sofas and other furniture. They offer low rates and can handle custom orders.


The Benefits of an Electric Fence

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By Farm Supply Store

Most people would love to have a fence for their homes. Most people would also imagine the same type of fence too. It would be wooden or chain-linked. However, not everyone has the same needs. If you live in a rural area, an electric fence wire probably makes a lot more sense. You probably want to increase your property value, which fences are great for, but you probably also have a number of animals in the area that you’d like to keep out. Those of you living on a farm also want to keep your animals in place too.

Farmsupplystore2This is why an electric fence installation makes so much sense. It’s the most practical type of fencing for those who live in the country and have unique needs that must be met. It also helps that this type of fencing is more affordable than ever. In fact, if you’re even remotely handy, you can probably handle installation all on your own.

Furthermore, unlike other types of fences, this kind won’t block your view. Living in a rural area means you probably have an amazing landscape to take in from every window. So don’t miss out on this amazing element by installing a big fence that will take away from it.


Whether you need an electric dog fence or something a bit more traditional, the option you’re looking for can be found at Farm Supply Store. You’ll love the selection and experience they have to offer, plus their affordable prices.

Add a Fence for a Better Yard

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By Farm Supply Store

Every house has a backyard. Although it may not be the most prominent feature—being behind the house, after all—it’s still one you should pay attention to. For one thing, it may still be plenty visible to many. If nothing else, you see it all the time and what about when you have guests over? On nice days, a lot of people enjoy sitting out on their deck or patio and enjoying a view that involves the backyard.

Farmsupplystore2There are a number of ways you can go about making your backyard look much better. You can add a garden. You could build a patio or even a grotto. Some people install fire pits. However, no addition is going to be as prominent, yet practical as having a fence. Gardens come close, but hey, you can always add a garden fence to the equation.

At Farm Supply Store, Jason Governo has been helping people pick out the best possible fence for years. No matter what kind of home you have or what kind of fence you have in mind, you’ll find a fence that makes the most sense for your needs and looks amazing all at the same time.


Every backyard should have a good fence, especially if you own animals or want to keep wild ones at bay. Fortunately, Farm Supply Store makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your needs, which even includes a Gallagher fence 

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