How to Keep Your Dog Away From Your Flower Beds

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Summary: Dogs tend to let their curiosity take over when it comes to playing outside. This could end up with you seeing your beloved plants trampled and destroyed.

Are you searching for a solution that’ll prevent your garden from being destroyed by your furry friend? Here are some tips that’ll protect your beloved garden from being “doghandled” while you’re away.

Block Off Your Garden Area

Flower beds tend to be an alternate resting spot for your pup. Simply drive some small, stubby stakes into the ground throughout the flower bed and they’ll essentially deter them away from your garden. Additionally, if you want your dog to stay out of freshly mulched or seeded beds, try planting some thorny branches into the ground at regular intervals. This way, if they try sniffing around, they’ll be met with a small prick. If you’re thinking this can result in some serious damage to your dog’s nose, many pitbull breeders do this to keep them away from damaging any gardens that they might have.

A wire fence surrounding your flower bed might be an eyesore for many, but it’s an effective way to keep your dog from running wild amongst your garden. And, they’ll know it’s a “no entry” zone when they go near it and won’t even try to enter the territory.

Many homeowners tend to hit their dog and yell at them frequently when they go near the garden. While this might deter them from entering the area, curiosity tends to get the best of them, especially when they see something they want to chase after. You’ll need a solid barrier to prevent them from jumping over or entering your garden. Remember, physical and verbal abuse is never the solution when you’re training your little one.

Create a Separate Playground for your Dog

If you’re looking to prevent dogs from digging in the ground, the experts at Iron King Kennels, have stated that creating a separate play area with a bare spot of soil typically does the trick. Try digging a large and shallow hole and gently nudge them towards it. If they feel comfortable in that area, they’ll know that that’s their designated spot to dig around and bury their toys, as opposed to your garden.

Another useful gardening tip to help protect your dog from getting fleas is to use cedar chips for pathways in beds. This deters fleas and keeps your dog clean and clear of any fleas that might want to find a permanent home in your dog’s fur coat. It’s a useful, and cheap, trick that’s worked for years.

New Money-Saving Trends in Weddings

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Written by: Flower Explosion LLC

As more couples look to stretch their wedding budgets, there are new trends growing in the wedding industry that can lead to real savings and a unique ceremony. Weddings are notoriously expensive, but more couples are finding ways to pocket extra cash from their wedding budgets. From DIY centerpieces created from bulk flowers to local venues, there are plenty of ways your wedding can have a great look for a low cost.

Backyard Weddings

Know someone with a large house? If so, you could try hosting a back yard wedding. Wedding venues may charge catering fees, or force you to use their caterers for the event. Also, the word “wedding” seems to drive prices high almost on instinct. With a backyard wedding on private property, you can basically do whatever you want. Even if you must pay to use the land, you can easily make up the costs on bartending staff and catering when you host outside of a professional venue.

Photo Booths

The wedding photographer is getting an update with the newest trend of photobooths at weddings. Create a space with cloth as a background, and let your guests shoot their own photos. Even better, a video camera that records their greetings as part of a wedding reel to show later. Try petals from rainbow roses in the background for a splash of color.

Colored Roses

More couples are ordering colored roses and rose petals online. You can order blue roses, red roses or any color to match the colors of your party. You can also order colored rose petals to spread over the table.

Any or all of these trends will help give your wedding a unique twist, and they are budget friendly too.

4 Tips to Protect Your Garden

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Keeping your vegetable garden alive is already challenge enough dealing with watering techniques and soil replacement. Pest control can become an even bigger thorn in your side, especially if you want a natural approach to dealing with nature’s challenges. You can build an aluminum wire fence, but that won’t keep the bugs out. There are humane methods to deal with this issue, but it does take some planning to keep your garden safe.

Garden Boxes

A garden box is like a raised platform where you grow veggies. You can utilize some stock lumber to built this advantageous structure. Raised gardens tend to keep soil warmer and prevent people trampling the soil. Animals may also find themselves deterred, either because entrance is difficult or the conditions are unfamiliar. Rabbits especially are reluctant to move on a raised garden because it will expose them to their own natural predators.


Design your garden so that the pathways between each section are as narrow as possible. This slimmer pathway keeps a clear walkway to and from your garden, which works to help you maneuver and protects your crops. Like a raised garden, a walkway is exposed ground. Few animals will be willing to tread there unless they are desperate for food.


Planting different species of vegetable in the same space also has a positive effect for the overall health of your garden. It keeps soil fresh, and plants like garlic and onion will repel small animals. These tasty veggies are great for human consumption, but act as a natural barrier for animals.

If you’re still experiencing crop loss from animal ingestion, you can plant a ruse garden that will attract wildlife instead. A ruse is a military term, meaning a fake or a trick. Rabbits and small animals love wild flowers like dandelions and goldenrod. These plants cost you next to nothing to plant, and you can store them safely near your garden in their own plant box. Another idea is to put them near the tree line, keeping the animals well away from your garden proper.


An electric dog fence will administer a small shock to any animals that attempt to breach the fence line. The shock is non-lethal, but it is a strong deterrent. Try arming the fence for a few days, then disarm the fence and see if your crops stay healthy and fresh. You may be able to deter and train animals to stay away based on your fence.
The preceding guest post was written on behalf of Farm Supply Store, suppliers of a wired or electric fence for farms and home gardens.

Why you should consider container gardening?

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Container gardening is not just for those who live on limited space. It is also for those with ample space to grow plants and vegetables. There are several reasons why you should consider container gardening.

You can grow on containers regardless of the season. You can easily move containers to get ample sunlight. You can’t get this benefit from a traditional garden. Weed and disease control are other advantages with container gardening. Insect damage is also less with containers. It is also easier to maintain moisture that is much needed for growing plants and vegetables.

One big disadvantage is that containers are unable to support large trees. However, you can use dwarf varieties such as citrus.

Containers come in various colors and size, and made of many different materials for appearance, durability and ease of move. You can use container plants to enhance entrances to your home, patio, pool and decks. You can also grow edible plants on containers. Your favorite vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, celery, tomatoes as well as rosemary, basil and oregano will grow happily on containers.

Create your own mix of plants and enjoy container gardening all throughout the year.

Michelle Obama wants to revamp Garden at the White House

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Article by Peter Tumasian of Home and Gardens

First lady Michalle Obama may plant flowers on South Lawn of the White House. Last time a first lady took up gardening at the white house was Jacqueline Kennedy. Aparantly, Michelle Obama has a love for gardening.

White House chief florist Laura Dowling says “In terms of using things from the garden, I feel like that’s in the works. We all know about her organic vegetable garden, and all she’s done to promote healthy eating and living. I think the next step then is a cutting garden,”

Dowling recommends roses and hydrange to start out with, along with tulips.

Ways to make Gardening Easier

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Even if one likes gardening and wishes to pursue it as a hobby, there will come a time when the number of tasks in the garden will test the patience of the most willing gardener. However, there are some tips that people can make your gardening easier and that pretty much based on common sense.

  1. 1.       Ensure that you have good soil

Good soil ensures that you have good plants, and in order to get some good soil, ensure that you have the current soil that you have tested for essential nutrients that plants needs or for its pH level.

  1. 2.       Raised beds and containers

Containers are the best way to control the amount of soil, water, exposure and even growth that the plant has while raising the beds by 6 inches will save your back a lot of bending as well. All these aspects will help you control your border.

  1. 3.       Get yourself a set of wheels

Getting a garden cart or wheelbarrow to move stuff around in the garden is certainly a good idea, and which will not only let you move things around much easier but it will also prevent several trips as well.

  1. 4.       Pick tools that are ergonomic

Gardening can be very stressful especially on the joints with all the repetitive work, and for this, it is vital that one finds gardening tools such as trowels, cushioned handles, bent rakes and ratchet pruners that require you to overwork your wrists.

  1. 5.       Get your kids involved

If you would like to reduce the work involved, you can get your children or grandchildren involved. If they’re not able to carry most of the work they will provide you company while you are gardening.

The Best Orchids for Weddings

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Known for their exotic texture and appearance, orchids are a timeless flower. No wonder they are popular in weddings. The choice of orchids is crucial when planning to use them for a wedding, or as a wedding present. Here is a friendly guide to orchids and weddings.

But first, why are orchids such as great hit at weddings? For one, they come in a variety of colors. Orchids can come in tiny blossoms or one big bloom. Orchids are long – lasting too, so you don’t have to worry that they would wilt on your special day, because they will not.

The best orchid to have on your wedding day is the Phalaepnosis orchid, which has big blooms that come in a variety of bright, beautiful colors. These orchids can be purple or pink, sometimes white, and are usually dotted or striped.

How do people use orchids during weddings? First, it makes for a wonderful and eye-catching bridal bouquet. The bridal bouquet is something a lot of guests will notice, and will especially stand out if it is made from exotic flowers such as orchids. Orchids can also be used with the groom’s boutonniere. Color coordination is the key here, and matching colors make the wedding even more beautiful.

Orchids can also be used to adorn the tables at the reception for a fresh and romantic feel. Doing away with the regular and common flowers makes the wedding reception even more special, especially if it’s a garden, or outdoor wedding.

Is artificial grass turf a good substitute?

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Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply

While there are several reasons why one can switch over to using artificial grass turf instead of its natural version, the most important one of all is that, in the case of sportsmen and women, it reduces the rate of injury in sporting competition.

This by itself, saves the organization they play a lot of headache. This rate of injury is reduced greatly due to the fact that the playing surface is smoothened out much more, and therefore, players aren’t as likely to cause themselves harm not unless the game by itself is a rough one.

On the other hand, artificial residential turf could be used for lawns that can really give your house that look that so many people consider their dream home. If one opts for the artificial as opposed to natural grass, one will find that the maintenance involved is far lesser and this means that one doesn’t have to spend all his time mowing the lawn in order for it to look neat.

However, the choice is not so difficult to make, as there are several artificial grass suppliers over the internet that can not only provide you the options that are available but also provide you with the best deal possible. And if that’s not enough – how about availing of a water saving rebate?

Why one should pick synthetic grass

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Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply

The pleasures of having a beautiful garden where one can sit and watch Mother Nature in all its glory can sometime be eclipsed by the several issues such as pests and troubles of the like that can threaten to ruin the little sanctuary you call your garden. In most situations like these, maintenance counts for a lot, and if you don’t have a gardener, this can mean a lot of hard work.

A viable option, therefore, is an artificial grass lawn which not only lasts longer (and is secured by a warranty) but also requires little or no maintenance when it comes to building your own natural garden.

For most people, the issue either is that they have a lot of money but no time, or vice-versa, and then there are those who have both but do not have the ability to maintain their garden.

So, your options are very simple: use something as effective as synthetic grass or pay for a gardener. However, this kind of grass is not restricted to use in the garden but finds its use in several commercial and sports-related areas, and so the benefits have far reaching effects (when it comes to player injuries!) and lead to saving money indirectly, if you see what I mean!.

And in order to help you walk through this decision, you can find several artificial turf manufacturers over the internet or locally to help you along.

Recent Remodeling

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This is a guest post by my friend Alex Tarkelton

Our house was in need of a storm shelter. Where we live tornadoes are something we see all the time. We decided to do a bit of remodeling and add a cellar in our backyard. This would also increase the value of our home when we sell it someday. We did a lot of calling around but eventually went to and finally found someone that would install it for us. For the peace of mind it would give me, I felt the price was more than fair.

Once our remodeling was done to our backyard, we had a nice new storm shelter. I got together items to take down there. It has a nice big metal door that closes tight. It has a ladder all the way down. It also has a light that you just pull the switch to turn on and also 2 plug ins. This is great for storms as long as the electricity does not go out on you. There are enough seats for about 6 people and this is great. I am really happy with this addition to our yard. It makes me feel safe to know I have somewhere to take our children in case of a storm.

We also recommend Royal Roofing for roofing specialist.

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