New Money-Saving Trends in Weddings

February 24, 2014 by  

Written by: Flower Explosion LLC

As more couples look to stretch their wedding budgets, there are new trends growing in the wedding industry that can lead to real savings and a unique ceremony. Weddings are notoriously expensive, but more couples are finding ways to pocket extra cash from their wedding budgets. From DIY centerpieces created from bulk flowers to local venues, there are plenty of ways your wedding can have a great look for a low cost.

Backyard Weddings

Know someone with a large house? If so, you could try hosting a back yard wedding. Wedding venues may charge catering fees, or force you to use their caterers for the event. Also, the word “wedding” seems to drive prices high almost on instinct. With a backyard wedding on private property, you can basically do whatever you want. Even if you must pay to use the land, you can easily make up the costs on bartending staff and catering when you host outside of a professional venue.

Photo Booths

The wedding photographer is getting an update with the newest trend of photobooths at weddings. Create a space with cloth as a background, and let your guests shoot their own photos. Even better, a video camera that records their greetings as part of a wedding reel to show later. Try petals from rainbow roses in the background for a splash of color.

Colored Roses

More couples are ordering colored roses and rose petals online. You can order blue roses, red roses or any color to match the colors of your party. You can also order colored rose petals to spread over the table.

Any or all of these trends will help give your wedding a unique twist, and they are budget friendly too.


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