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Recent Remodeling

This is a guest post by my friend Alex Tarkelton

Our house was in need of a storm shelter. Where we live tornadoes are something we see all the time. We decided to do a bit of remodeling and add a cellar in our backyard. This would also increase the value of our home when we sell it someday. We did a lot of calling around but eventually went to and finally found someone that would install it for us. For the peace of mind it would give me, I felt the price was more than fair.

Once our remodeling was done to our backyard, we had a nice new storm shelter. I got together items to take down there. It has a nice big metal door that closes tight. It has a ladder all the way down. It also has a light that you just pull the switch to turn on and also 2 plug ins. This is great for storms as long as the electricity does not go out on you. There are enough seats for about 6 people and this is great. I am really happy with this addition to our yard. It makes me feel safe to know I have somewhere to take our children in case of a storm.

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