A “Greener” Option For Your Household Furniture

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Written by: The Foam Factory

You may not realize it, but your sofa may be a home for petroleum and all of its hazardous side effects. Thanks to new technology, there are greener options that you can take advantage of to keep your household safe and clean. Here are some tips on why you should convert to a “green” sofa today.


Many household furniture items including sofa cushions, bedding, and chairs, contain chemicals that can be hazardous to one’s health. Furthermore, once disposed, it wreaks havoc on the environment. Now, in order to turn your home around into an environmentally friendly option, you’ll want to obtain healthy sustainable furnishings to replace the carbon-filled products that you may currently have.

When you are considering buying new furniture or replacement cushions, it’s always best to use products that are made with the most natural materials. Manufacturers tend to use large amounts of petroleum in the production process of synthetic latex foam. When you purchase environmentally friendly furnishings, you’ll help reduce the use of petroleum which will make an impact on the environment as a whole. Essentially, the less non-renewable resources that the world uses today, the bigger the impact it’ll have on it as a whole. Some alternatives that you can purchase are synthetic latex foam and soy based foam. These two products are all-natural and do not exhibit any potential hazardous symptoms to both human and the earth alike.

Natural Latex

Though it may be more expensive than traditional synthetic, natural latex is 100% natural and does not pose a threat to the environment. Natural latex is essentially derived from the rubber sap of a tree with other natural fillers. During the manufacturing process, unnecessary waste is eliminated from the latex. You can even say that every tree is used to its full capacity. Natural latex can be found in chairs, mattresses, and cushions. There have been sleep studies that have proven that users have experienced a more sound sleep when they’ve switched their new cushions over to natural latex. Furthermore, this environmentally friendly resource is biodegradable and mildew-resistant, providing you with little worries.


Another option that you can choose is soy based foam. Soy foam is typically polyurethane foam that is made to replace a certain percentage of petroleum. However, it is now 100% renewable. It’s still a positive step towards a healthier environment.

Choose the Best Filling for your Couch

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Choosing a new cushion filling for your couch doesn’t have to involve as much research as you probably think it would. It’s actually fairly simple. Couch fillings usually consist of foam, feathers, polyester, or all of them together. This is a long term investment and should be bought for longevity and quality. The best types of filling stay soft and comfortable for years. Here are some brief descriptions of each type of materials that you can fill your cushion with.


If you want to stress softness when it comes to new cushions, you would most likely be happy with a feather-filled one. A cheaper option, many of the feathers come from ducks or chickens as companies can mass produce these. The downside to feathers are that they have a problem drying properly if wet. If you are considering a feather-filled cushion, a water-resistant cover would be a good buy.

Down is the luxurious upgrade from regular feathers as they are more expensive but are also extremely comfortable. Down is basically the fur from a geese’s underbelly. When it comes to down, especially a cushion that is one-hundred percent down, it can build up in lumps and give off an uneven level. If you want a more stiff and supportive feel to your cushions try looking into foam that is covered with an outer layer of feather and down.

Polyester also remains a popular and cheap option for buyers. Polyester has smoothness to it and also proves very durable. This is a good alternative for people that have feather allergies. It’s long-lasting and built for toughness. The downside to this type of filling is that it can flatten out really easily.

Foam, one of the most common choices for a couch filling, has extreme versatility. Available in different densities that decide how soft or firm your cushion will feel, it’s ideal for people suffering from joint pains or muscles pains. A high density will equal to more support and stiffness while a lower density has a soft to medium feel to it. There is also the HR, or high-resilient density which not only provides a strong support level but it’s made tough to last the wear and tear of daily use.

Various manufacturers produce custom foam cushions that are a combination of these fillings. Each filling has its’ own characteristics and by combining different ones together, you can create your ideal comfort level. Speak with a foam expert today to see the possibilities.
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How to extend the life of your furniture

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Written by The Foam Factory

With adequate care you could prolong the life and durability of your furniture. However, it is inevitable that during the lifespan of a furniture some parts would have to be refreshed and replaced. The upholstery for instance, is the part that is most prone to be damaged.

Damage Causes

Furniture made out fabric often lose some of their shape and color with time. Moreover, upholstery that are made out of faux-leather are often cracked in various spots. People having pets often see their furniture damaged by their claws. Apart from the exterior parts, the foam would be needing replacement as well. After several years of usage, sofa seat cushions tend to drop down and become saggy. With some simple steps you might be able to extend the life of your furniture.

Paint and Varnish

The life of wooden furniture can be effectively extended by regularly applying a fresh coat of painting and varnish to them. Before doing that, the previous coating might need to be scraped off either by using sandpaper or a scrub brush. The furniture can then be nourished with wood polish and cream.

Foam Replacement

In order to bring back the bounciness of your coach foam, you might consider going for a foam replacement. Generally high density foams tend to be more long-lasting and convenient to be used for couch fillings and beddings. Most companies would offer the possibility of having the foam custom cut to fit the dimensions of the project.

The Foam Factory specializes in a large array of foam products including cushion filling.

Tips for Creating Quality Pillows

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Written by The Foam Factory

Quality pillows might be hard to find on sale in department stores and even in specialized shops. Pillows tend to lose their shape, becoming flat and saggy after years of use. Some people opt to make their own pillows in order to be able to control the quality of the materials used. This also allows them to produce different shapes and sizes of custom made pillows. Here are some tips on creating your own quality pillows and custom cushion.

Gather Materials

The first step to start with would be to gather quality materials for the assembly of your pillows. The definition of quality for each material would depend on the use that the pillows or cushions would be put to. For instance, pillows used for the outdoors on a hanging bed would need to be fast-drying and durable enough to resist against the elements.

Quality Foam

Carlo Badalamenti is a professional with extensive experience in the foam manufacturing and selling industry. Quality foam is the basis of any sustainable foam replacement project. High density foams can be chosen in order to yield resistant and durable pillows. Foam factories offer the possibility of having the foam custom cut to fit the size of the project.

Quality Fabric

The most common type of fabric used for pillows are home decor fabrics. These are great for curtains, pillows covers and light upholstery. Fabrics can be found in specialized stores in the desired dimensions that you would be seeking.


The Foam Factory specializes in foam products for DIY projects such as cushion making.

How to Make Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

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Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

For people who love DIY projects, making your own cushions is one of the most gratifying ways to embellish your outdoors. There are a few steps to follow when undertaking such a project. However, with a little patience and creativity, you will be able to make some wonderful and unique creations.

Outdoor Fabric

The first step of carrying out such a project would revolve around gathering the required materials. Normally you would be requiring some good canvas twill or fabrics suited for the outdoors. Some outdoor impermeable fabric would be more suited for this project. However, you might also want to enquire at a local store about other eventual outdoor fabrics that would be most suited for your local climate.

Cushion Filling

Another important element needed to complete this custom cushions project would be to get a good quantity of outdoor cushion filling. These types of filling usually consist of fast drying foams that have open cells, allowing water to drain easily. Carlo Badalamenti has been in the foam business for several decades. These foams are recommended for the outdoors as they tend to be antimicrobial.


Tools that you would be needing for the successful completion of this project would be a standard sewing machine along with some long zippers depending on the length of your cushions. You would also be needing fabric scissors and sewing pins to measure down the size of the cushions fabric.

Foam Factory, Inc. specializes in foam products that are suited for outdoor custom projects such as for boat cushion replacements.

Create your own throw pillows

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Written by The Foam Factory

Throw pillows are great to have in the living room. When place on a couch, they add a touch of warmth and are quite welcoming. These pillows can also be thrown on the floor next to a coffee table to provide a moroccan or japanese decor to a room. Commercial throw pillows are quite expensive and would constitute of a considerable investment, especially if you require a good amount of them. You might also not be able to find the exact design or color that you require to complement your room’s decor. Creating your own throw pillows will help you solve these two issues.

The Fabric

Depending on the style and design that you would be going for, you might opt for linen, cotton or even silk fabric. The fabric will need to be sufficiently durable, especially if you intend to sit on your throw pillows.


The standard dimension for making your own throw pillows will be 16 to 18 inches on all sides. You might want to leave about a quarter inch for the folds. This will yield a classic square pillow. You might want to change the dimension depending on your project.


Your custom cushion will then need to be filled with foam. Custom-cut foam can easily be ordered from foam companies. Carlo Badalamenti has risen to the position of VP of a foam company. Throughout his career, he has provided advice to clients on various foam projects.

The Foam Factory specializes in foam products for various applications including mattresses and cushion               .

Affordable memory foam mattresses

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Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

After a several years of use, every mattress would start to show signs of damage and a decline in its comfort level. Apart from being uncomfortable, an old mattress might also lead to pain in several part of the body, namely the lumbar curve and neck. Some typical signs that you might need to change your mattress would be sagginess, lumps or inability for your mattress to provide adequate support to your back and neck.

Some other factors that you might want to assess would be the quality of your sleep. For instance, if you tend to toss and turn a lot, this would clearly mean that you are not able to find a comfortable position. Another uncomfortable situation is if you are feeling the coils of your mattress pressing against you. Another factor that you might want to look into is whether your mattress is making noises and is creaky. A loud mattress implies that it is getting worn out.

Carlo Badalamenti is a professional with over 30 years of experience in the foam industry and in the marketing of mattress Canada. The memory foam mattress is a popular choice when it comes to mattress replacement. It might be because this particular type of foam provides a good amount of comfort as it molds the curves and contours of the body. This is particularly helpful in relieving back and neck pains and in promoting a better quality sleep.

Foam Factory, Inc. specializes in foam manufacturing and marketing. The company also offers a selection of memory foam bed.

Reupholstering a Sofa with Polyurethane Foam

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Written by: The Foam Factory

Polyurethane foam is one of the most versatile substances used in modern manufacturing, and it’s an excellent material for a hobbyist to use in sofa foam replacement for the home. Reupholstering projects are simple, and they cost significantly less than buying a new couch. All you need is some custom cut foam shapes and new fabrics for the couch. You would also benefit from some sewing skill, but iron-on zippers are available for covers. The project takes a solid weekend’s worth of work, but the end result is something completely different for your space. After you’ve tried one, you’ll probably want to do the whole house.

Clean the Couch

Before you deal with couch foam, give everything a very thorough cleaning. Especially if the couch is a garage sale or roadside couch. You don’t want to attract creepy crawlies in your space, so don’t be afraid to get into the nooks and crevices. Strip the fabric from the couch, you can use a seam ripper, and take measurements for how much you’ll need.

Why Polyurethane Foam is the Way to Go

Sofa cushions made of polyurethane foam have small pockets of air that compress as force is applied. In other words, air is released from the cushion as you sit down. This causes the foam to tense up and provide the support you need to sit down and relax. Foam can be altered as well, creating hard Styrofoam we know from packaging or flexible foam we find in memory foam mattress toppers. This is the same kind of technology we find at work on memory foam mattresses, but it’s a fraction of the cost. You can also purchase foam at different densities, giving you that softness you crave.

Polyurethane also tends to be highly resilient under stress, which is excellent for something that people will sit on for a prolonged amount of time.

Final Thoughts

Choose fabrics that match the décor of your home. Leather is difficult to reupholster, but not impossible. It may be worth it for sentimental pieces, but it might be just as well to let them go for the costs. Over all, reupholstering projects are excellent for a discount living room that has your own style. You can even bring foam sheets outdoors to patio sets, where foam cushions make excellent replacements for patio chairs and lounges.

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

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dining-214981_640For a bit of fresh air and outdoor scenery, most people enjoy lounging in their front or backyard and taking in the views. Outdoor spaces are typically decorated with plenty of potted plants and patio furniture for an extra place on the property that can be used for leisure. With dust, weather, and insects, the furniture can often become dirty and difficult to enjoy. To ensure that you keep the space clean, it’s important to clean your outdoor cushions for a comfortable and inviting area that is easy to lounge on.

Many cushions on patio furniture have inserts that are easy to remove. Take the cushion filling out and wash the canvas with a mixture of borax, dishwashing detergent, and warm water. The mixture can be sprayed on the surface and saturated into the fabric, which will remove mildew or mold that has developed. The detergent can be removed by rinsing the canvas with a garden hose. Turn the cushions upside down to ensure that excess water drips out of the zipper while it dries.

After cleaning your outdoor cushions or purchasing new ones, it’s a good idea to add a fabric protector, which will make them resistant to dirt and grime that circulates in the air. It will also make the cushions easier to clean in the future by simply wiping them down with a wet rag. Spot clean any stains when needed with a water-based cleanser or soap and avoid using a pressure washer to remove dirt, which can destroy the threads and cause the material to rip.

Another way to clean outdoor cushions is by machine washing each piece on a gentle setting after removing the seat foam. Avoid drying the material, which can cause it to shrink and make it difficult to fit back onto the cushions. The fabric can air dry outdoors before being placed on the foam.

For mildew stains that have developed, a chlorine bleach product can be used and diluted with water to preserve the condition of the fabric while cleaning it. You can also replace the cushions inside with filling that is resistant to mildew to prevent future stains from developing.

By properly cleaning outdoor cushions on a consistent basis with a variety of different methods, it will prevent discoloration and deterioration of the fabric due to the abrasive texture of dirt and grime. With proper care for outdoor cushions, it can extend the time that they’re used and enhance the quality of your exterior space.
The Foam Factory sells custom cushion cut to fit any size you need. For shipping anywhere in the US or Canada, try The Foam Factory.

What is a natural latex mattress?

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Written by Canada Foam by Mail

A natural latex mattress is made of non-synthetic natural latex foam that can be bio-hybrid or blended foam. Natural latex provide a good comfort and support to the body. They also provide pressure relief as they respond to the weight and shape of the body. This is helps alleviate neck and back pains brought about by other mattresses such as the innerspring or poor quality foams.

Natural latex mattresses are a lasting value and have proven to last longer that most conventional mattresses. An open-cell latex mattress is hypoallergenic which is ideal for people suffering from allergies. The pincore structure of the latex mattress aids in regulating the body temperature and this procures a wonderful sleep experience.

Investing in a latex mattress could be a solution to improving the overall quality of your sleep. You can also choose to purchase a latex mattress topper to test out its benefits. If you prefer a soft latex mattress, a Tatalay latex mattress could be the right choice for you. Tatalay latex mattresses are known to be generally comfortable and soft.

If you are looking for a latex mattress in Canada, you might find several companies online. The Foam Factory is such a company and it provides a good array of foam products. The company offers a good choice if you are looking for a comfortable mattress in Canada, whether you opt for a latex mattress or a memory foam mattress.

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