Buying a used RV or camper? Here’s why you should replace the cushions

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Road tripping with your friends or family in an RV or camper can be an unforgettable experience. However, mobile home vehicles are not cheap, and sometimes, buying a used mobile home is the most practical choice. The problem with used mobile homes is that you might end up inheriting the previous owner’s problems.

After buying a used vehicle, you might notice that your RV or camper cushions might not be in the best shape. More than likely, a rotating group of people has sat and lounged in those seats for years. As a result, the cushions might be lumpy, uneven, or flat. You might also see tears or rips in the cushion covers. If the previous owner was a family with children, you might also see food or drink stains in the cushions.

RVs and campers are designed to be homes away from home where you can relax and bond in between road trip stops. You should be able to enjoy all the comfort of home while you’re on the road. Replacing old cushions is a way of making sure you’re comfortable enough to enjoy your trip and a way of making the vehicle uniquely yours.

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