Property assessment consulting services

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Most people will not understand the legalities involved in buying or selling a property and will often be disappointed after a purchase is made, due to additional costs or because the property does not meet the buyer’s/ seller’s initial expectations. The main reason for these unpleasant surprises is because critical information does not come to light before the property is purchased or sold.

Therefore getting the assistance of real estate lawyer can help the buyer receive an unbiased assessment of the value of the property and the estimated financial costs associated with the project the buyer wants to create. Law firms specializing in real estate law will also have a circle of professional service provides that include planners, realtors, architects, engineers, and attorneys, that will offer accurate information and timelines. The report real estate law firms offer can provide the buyer/seller with practical information that can aid the buyer/seller to make a sound investment or decision.

Most law firms handling real estate will need the buyer to visit them to discuss their needs and to assess the desired scope of the project. Often services will be charged on an hourly basis, and reduced rates can be addressed for long-term plans. Discussions will include the financial limitations, property assessment, analysis of the condition of the building, additional options, cost of remodeling, risk analysis, residential potential, resale value, energy audits and long-term maintenance and budgeting to name a few.

Article by Lyle Charles. Lyle Charles is a construction claims consultant who can cater to your construction project needs.

How to conduct a good project meeting?

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It is important to understand that meetings cost the company money as it is time each participant/ employee can spend on other work commitments. Therefore, organizing successful meetings should be every meeting facilitator’s goal. Here are some tips on how to make your meetings productive and well worth everyone’s time.

Prepare in advance – Plan ahead and have a clear idea of what will be discussed. Assign tasks and ask participants to bring in information that will be important for the meeting.

Have a detailed agenda – A well-planned agenda will keep the meeting flowing and help make decisions happen. An agenda will also keep your meeting on track and help participants focus on what is important.

Stick to the schedule – To ensure you have good attendance and a great reputation as a good meeting facilitator always stick to the agenda and don’t go over time.

Don’t cancel – If you have scheduled a weekly meeting and have a busy day, keep the meeting short but don’t cancel it. If you cancel a meeting, participants will start to think that the meeting is not necessary and can be considered as optional.

Stay on topic – Remember that staying on topic is important because it will help the meeting gain momentum and be a productive use of everyone’s time.

Written by Lyle Charles. The firm has a long list of experienced, qualified construction experts and will help you select the best construction claims consultant for your case.

Steps to prevent construction project delays

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Written by Lyle Charles

Construction delays can cause a project additional funds and open the company to claims. Claims can also incur costs for a firm as they may need to hire experts from construction advisory service firms to assist the company with the case. Therefore, including steps to reduce construction delays is a sensible way to ensure that your project is on time, profitable and that the construction firm maintains its reputation.

Here are some steps to prevent construction delays.

Start right – Accurate planning will help to reduce delays. Therefore, look at creating an accurate estimate with a realistic schedule. Planners should look at areas that can cause delays, and put into place mechanisms to minimize delay days. For those materials that need to be imported or are not on site include additional days to ensure that the project has its materials on time. Select contractors and partners wisely by only considering the quality of their work and reliability.

Watch contract language – Broad contract language can leave the firm and other parties in confusing situations. If your contract includes broad terms like “time is of the essence,” no damages for delay, “” waiver of consequential damages, “acceleration” and “termination” enlist legal counsel for clarification.

Communication – Clear communication with your vendors will inform them when you require your materials and the level of urgency. Ensure your vendors provide you with a delivery schedule as soon as you send them your purchase order.

As your project moves forward, it is important that your team has a construction claim analysis in place to understand a claim as and when they arise.


Lyle Charles is a construction claims consultant who can cater to your construction project needs.