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Rethink your lawn and garden strategy

Article Written by: California Mailboxes

Rain has been a problem for many parts of the country. The West Coast, especially California, faced one of the driest years in recorded history. The East coast is facing floods and other disasters. Those who are living in the West Coast may not be able to maintain their East Coast English Garden style any more. Severe drought in the West, especially in California, has caused water suppliers to cut water supplies and increase rates they charge for water.

Reducing the amount of lawn or eliminating them altogether is one option to save much sought after water. Instead people who live on the West Coast should consider Mediterranean gardens that use less water, promote pollination and cut down air and noise pollution associated with lawns. Winter planting is ecologically optimal for new gardens. Do your homework before you rethink your garden strategy. Also talk to your local garden shop or city’s water department. They may be a wealth of information about water efficient gardens and plants. Find water wise, fire resistant, and bug free plants. The more time you spend on researching alternative plant palettes for your next garden, the more successful you will be getting a dream garden. Planning is the key.

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