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Houses: sometimes smaller is better

Article Submitted By – Jerry Armen

jerry armen

Many people grow up dreaming of someday owning their own home and most of them fantasize about a big house. The fantasy is rarely filled with details, or they would realize that road is filled with its own headaches. In fact, life can be much more pleasant with a humble home.

The large house introduces many more responsibilities than the smaller home. If you are ready to take these on, then more power to you. Consider the fact that the larger size means more weekly cleaning, inside and out. There are many more places the house can fail due to deterioration. So inspections are more tedious. The likelihood of your home developing a problem is multiplied as the size increases. You have more roof to leak, more walls to host pests, more foundation to crack, etc…

Some owners of large homes simply shell out more cash monthly for the wages of hired help to take care of all the additional responsibilities. In this way, they are helping the local economy, but you must have a significant amount of money to make that kind of a leap. Many people simply do not. The smaller home is the ideal solution for you, if you are not one of the very wealthy.

Even if you start making more money later, you can sell the small home and move into your dream house. Until then, enjoy the absence of headaches and relish the deep sleep that will wrap its arms around you each night as you sleep in your smaller house.

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