Why You Should Hire a Market Research Company for Focus Group Testing

Focus group testing is an essential tool in any company’s market research and employee survey repertoire, but there are several reasons why you might hire a third-party company to conduct focus groups instead of handling them in-house. These reasons include confidentiality, experience, and convenience.

First, it may be difficult to get an honest, unfiltered opinion from customers and employees during in-house focus groups. Because of the desire to avoid a boss’s ire or to avoid seeming ungrateful, employees may hold back their true thoughts and feelings when speaking to a representative from your company. A third-party company that conducts traditional and online focus groups can collect responses while keeping their identities confidential, allowing for more candid, accurate interview answers.

Second, a trained survey data collection survey will be better at asking the right questions and collecting useful data from a focus group session. An untrained interviewer may not be as effective at drawing out substantial responses from all the respondents present. Experienced survey conductors know tried-and-true methodologies for focus group research, making them the best professionals for the job.

Lastly, it will be more convenient to outsource focus group testing to a third party. To develop an effective focus group testing team, you may have to train employees in the right methods, rent space for focus group sessions, and divert time and resources from your other market research projects. Hiring a group of trained professionals may be more feasible than distracting your company from other important tasks.

If you are interested in high-quality survey data collection for focus group research and marketing, be sure to contact John Zogby Strategies today. Their team is available for both traditional in-person focus groups and online focus groups.