Clean The Air You Breathe By Installing Air Filters

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Home air filters sanitize the air inside your home. With better air, your chances of developing any respiratory disease are kept at minimum. Air can easily carry and transfer diseases, it has also been found that serious respiratory diseases caused by poor air quality are amongst the top causes of death in the last few decades. To promote better air and health, choose only top and popular air filter brands such as 3M filter. Brands such as this are recognized all over the world, thus, you can be sure that it will work efficiently regardless of whether there are cheap alternatives available in the market. Remember that not all air filters are made equal, some may be cheaper but may potentially do more harm than good.

Keep your air filter properly maintained to ensure that it will work at optimum condition. If a filter becomes too soiled, the fan motor may need to work harder due to restricted air flow. Once this happens, the equipment will need more energy to function, thus, increasing your monthly energy expenditures. Also, when the fan motor consistently works beyond its normal capacity, the equipment may breakdown and cause huge repair expenses and even unit replacement. Check on your filter at least every thirty days, clean or replace the filter when needed.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is one of the leading suppliers of commercial and residential air filter, air purifiers, humidifiers and many more. The company carries popular filter brands like FIltrete and Honeywell.

The Advantages of Electric Fencing

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If you have a rural plot of land with some larger animals like cows and sheep you’d like to keep in shape, you can’t go wrong with electric fencing. Continue reading to discover why it’s such a great choice.

First of all, so long as you use an electric fence tester, you can check to make sure your fence isn’t in danger of seriously hurting your animals. That’s an understandable concern, but an unlikely scenario.

Second, electric fences are probably the easiest to install. Because they have electricity helping them out, they don’t need much else. This means electric fence installation is largely a one man job.

Third, owing to the lack of material, your electric fence won’t detract much from the property. If you own a large plot of land, you’d probably like to see as much of it as possible. With other forms of fencing, a lot of your view can be blocked. But with electric fencing, there’s nothing more than thin wire obstructing your view.

Fourth, should anything happen to a section of fencing, it’s very easy to replace. For obvious reasons, it’s unlikely an animal will ever damage it, but if a really bad storm dismantle part of your fence, it will be far easier to fix than other conventional fences.

Lastly, electric fences are far more affordable than most other options, yet provide all the amazing benefits above.


Article submitted by Farm Supply Store. The company sells everything from electrical fences to wire fencing.

Maintain Your Air Filter To Keep Indoor Air Sanitized

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Want to keep the air you breathe inside your home clean? The best solution is to install an electrostatic furnace filter. Air filters catches the harmful elements we might potentially breathe such as dust, molds and various allergens that can trigger diseases. Many brands are available in the market such as the 3M furnace filter, you also have the option to choose either a disposable or a reusable air filter.

So now that you have an air filter, what is the next step to do to ensure that the air inside your home will stay clean? One common mistake that people do is that they tend to forget to properly maintain their air filters. Once an air filter is left dirty and unattended for several weeks, the fan motor may get overworked which will result to an equipment breakdown. Cleaning or replacing your filter is very easy and cheap, a cost that is a lot more affordable than having your equipment repaired or replaced. Ideally, you need to check on your air filter for at least every thirty days. The filter looks like a sponge, if you cannot see through it then it only means that it has trapped dust and allergens to its maximum capacity. Wash it with water and soap if you have a reusable air filter.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is a supplier of air purifiers, home air filters, air conditioner, humidifier and many more. The company is a proud distributor of popular filter brands such as Honeywell, Bryant and FIltrete.

The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

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If you’re in the market for new flooring, you have no shortage of options. Everything from ceramic to cork can be used in a plethora of ways to give you flooring in a design you want. Well you should consider all your options, one of the most popular is quickly becoming bamboo floors. Continue reading to find out why.

Bamboo flooring offers a completely unique look. While more and more people are discovering its natural beauty, chances are you’ll still be the only person you know featuring it in your home. It looks like hardwood, but with richer and more vibrant colors.

Unlike hardwood floors, bamboo is a sustainable product. Despite its appearance, bamboo is actually a weed. This is readily apparent to anyone who’s ever seen it grow before. Chances are by the time you receive your flooring and have it installed, another bamboo shoot will already be growing where your floor once was.

Although it’s more expensive than some options, you can greatly reduce the bamboo flooring price you pay by electing to install it on your own. While this is a project for the handier of you out there, it’s far less difficult than most people think.

Having a bamboo floor is a great way to make your room stand out from all the others in the home. It can also be quite cheap and it’s great for the environment.

Picking the Right Contractor for You

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This guest post provided by Sensa.

Whether you need some remodeling done, feel the need to renovate or are in the market for repairs, you’ll need to hire a contractor in order to get the job done. There are countless options in Chicago, so continue reading for some advice on whom to pick.

First, you have to make sure that any potential contractor is both licensed and insured before letting them work on your home. In fact, if they don’t have insurance, you shouldn’t even let them on your property. If they get hurt, you could be held responsible in a court of law.

Second, focus on finding one with relevant experience and reviews that speak to their expertise. For example, if your gutter’s busted, look for a contract who handles gutter repair. Chicago has plenty of those, so be sure they’ve received positive reviews for their work. You wouldn’t want to hire a contractor who focuses mostly on basement remodeling. Chicago has plenty of those too, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to handle your gutter problem. The takeaway is that not all general contractors are the same.

Third, look for contractors who can offer you free quotes upfront. Don’t make the mistake of hiring one who gives you a ballpark figure before ever assessing the project firsthand. They couldn’t possibly know what it will cost.

How Radiant Heating Will Help You Stay Warm

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Every year winter comes and every year we do our best to deal with it. This generally means lots of warm meals, multiple layers and trying not to think about it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always do much. So we sit inside and wait month after month until spring is finally here. Thankfully, there’s a new way to wait out the cold. It’s called radiant floor heating and it’s set to make winter more tolerable than ever before. Continue reading to find out more.

Floor heating has been around for years, but it was generally considered too expensive for most of us to enjoy. That’s because the traditional form of floor heating, known as Hydronic heating, requires a lengthy and pricey installation process that has to be handled by professionals.

Radiant heating systems, however, don’t need professionals to be installed. That’s because they involve a simple, but effective, system of metal coils that are installed beneath the floor and heated by electricity. With the flick of a switch you can start enjoying easy heat on your feet.

Imagine walking through your home in bare feet while the blizzard outside pours it on. Thanks to radiant heating systems, this can now be a reality. Best of all, you can obtain this kind of luxury and still keep plenty of money in your pocket.


Article submitted by EZ Floor Heat. The company is helping to popularize Electric Heated Floors by selling products that make it easy to install and the Warm Tiles Thermostat

Consider Dressing Up Your Room with a Floor Medallion

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There are a number of ways to dress up the walls in your house. The easiest may be to simply add a new coat of paint. You can always hang new pictures too or add drapes to the windows. Of course, the room itself can be dressed up a million different ways as well. Add new furniture, new furnishings, etc. and you can accomplish any number of effects. But what about a room’s floor?  Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that the only way to augment a floor’s style is by changing it completely. But the truth is there’s one great way to add a bold look to your floor that many people overlook. Continue reading to find out what that is.

Called medallions, they’re geometric designs that cake up just one portion of the floor. A compass medallion, for example, may only be four feet in diameter with a circle shape that holds a compass design inside. It stands alone either in the center of the room or elsewhere—whatever makes sense to you.

Medallions can come in all different shapes and are made from all kinds of products. You can have a tile medallion, for example, or one made from wood, marble, basically any flooring material can contribute.

The next time you think about adding some style to a room, don’t forget about the floor. A medallion could go a long way in making it stand out from the rest.


Article submitted by Medallion Depot. The company specializes in ceramic and backsplash medallions for the home and elsewhere.

Video Systems for Answering Your Front Door

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Front doors are more than a decorative fixture in your home. They are also the front entry point for visitors to your house. Front doors need to look great and also provide you with a sense of security. You want to be able to control who visits your home and be able to keep away unwanted guests or people you think might be causing problems.

Until recently, the only way to see who was ringing your doorbell was to look out of a peephole or out your window. This is hardly the best way to see who was outside and lets your visitors know that you are home. But recent technological advances have changed how homeowners can control their front doors. Through the use of video and wireless technology, homeowners can now get a clear picture of who is outside their front door from wherever they are inside.

New audio/video home answering systems gives homeowners the ability to “screen” their front doors in much the same way that they would screen their calls. When someone rings the front doorbell, the system takes a still picture of the person and sends it to a receiver inside. From there, you can choose to answer the door, ignore the doorbell or engage the person in a video conversation.

When combined with other forms of wireless technology that allow you to “keylessly” unlock your front door, these audio/video home answering systems allow you to fully utilize technology to take control of your front door.

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Before planting trees consider these critical points

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When planting trees, shrubs and other plants in your yard, you need to consider few basics. The following has been generated to remind you some of this key elements.

Sun exposure: Your trees and shrubs need sunlight most of the day in order to grow properly and get nutrients they need. Instruction that comes with many plants will tell you what type of sun exposure it needs. In order to get good results, you need to pay attention to sun exposure requirements.

Overhangs that prevent rain water reaching the soil: When planting trees and shrubs adjacent to walls consider any overhangs that may prevent rain water. Rain is a good source of moisture for many plants.

Other tree/ shrub roots competing for water and nutrients: Many tree roots compete with others for nutrients if they are planted too close. Pay attention to spacing in order to allow large enough root space for each tree or shrub.

Soil condition: Mainly you are looking at rich or poor soil conditions. Depending on the situation, you need to provide enough fertile soil for the plant to get establish and grow.

Drainage: Poor drainage can starve a tree and evenly well drainage can provide a thriving environment for the plant to grow.