Maintain Your Air Filter To Keep Indoor Air Sanitized

Want to keep the air you breathe inside your home clean? The best solution is to install an electrostatic furnace filter. Air filters catches the harmful elements we might potentially breathe such as dust, molds and various allergens that can trigger diseases. Many brands are available in the market such as the 3M furnace filter, you also have the option to choose either a disposable or a reusable air filter.

So now that you have an air filter, what is the next step to do to ensure that the air inside your home will stay clean? One common mistake that people do is that they tend to forget to properly maintain their air filters. Once an air filter is left dirty and unattended for several weeks, the fan motor may get overworked which will result to an equipment breakdown. Cleaning or replacing your filter is very easy and cheap, a cost that is a lot more affordable than having your equipment repaired or replaced. Ideally, you need to check on your air filter for at least every thirty days. The filter looks like a sponge, if you cannot see through it then it only means that it has trapped dust and allergens to its maximum capacity. Wash it with water and soap if you have a reusable air filter.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is a supplier of air purifiers, home air filters, air conditioner, humidifier and many more. The company is a proud distributor of popular filter brands such as Honeywell, Bryant and FIltrete.

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