Paint color as a decorating tool

Article by Pierre Zarokian

Home improvement projects could be costly, time-consuming and daunting. But it shouldn’t be that way. Have you considered changing your wall colors to improve the look of your home? New paint color can dramatically change your intimate space, your home. Here are some things to consider when selecting a paint color.

Location: Some interior and exterior parts of your home may be getting ample sunlight while other parts may be compromised due to trees and other objects. Consider the location of the intended space before deciding on a color for that space.

Light: Color behaves differently under natural and artificial light. It is a daunting task to hold a smaller color chip from the manufacturer’s paint fan to natural and artificial light to find the right color.

Architecture: This is more important when considering the outside paint colors. Certain paint colors are associated with specific architectural styles.

Window coverings: Accessories that will be placed within the space and window coverings need to be considered before selecting a paint color for the space.

Feel of the space: Your goal to create an elegant, romantic, calm, sumptuous, sophisticated or dramatic mood will help to decide on a color for the intended space.