How you can use wicker furniture for your backyard

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Many people are drawn to the intricately weaved design of wicker furniture. The patterns of wicker furniture are simple but elegant and are a seamless fit for Victorian, bohemian, and tropical aesthetics. The beauty and grace of wicker furniture make them a popular choice for living rooms and interior design. But what if you could use wicker furniture to transform the aesthetic of your backyard or outdoor patio?

Applying interior design principles to outdoor patios is a growing trend among well-to-do Americans and home design enthusiasts. Many homeowners have added outdoor living areas, dining areas, and even television sets to their backyards and patios. Many of these spaces are outfitted with comfortable furniture suitable for lounging.

Wicker furniture may seem unsuited to this type of outdoor setup, but with the advent of outdoor wicker furniture, you can confidently display your furniture tastes in any backyard or patio. Outdoor wicker furniture looks like natural wicker, but it is not made from the same plant-based materials. Instead, outdoor wicker is made from synthetic resin that is designed to be resistant to moisture and damage from the sun’s UV rays. This prevents mold and mildew from forming in overly moist sections of chairs. It also makes the furniture very easy to clean with a hose without damaging it.

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