How to add character to a small kitchen

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Having a small kitchen does not mean that you have to forego style. You can add style and a cozy feel and enjoy spending time while you cook dinner. Here are some ways you can achieve the look you want.

Good lighting

Have adequate lighting. Install yellow fluorescent lights under cabinets to give warmth and light. Use spot lights on the ceiling to give the room a glow.


Choose a light color to make the area look bigger. Add splashes of vibrant color to add character. This can be done by using colorful utensils hung on a utensil holder or painting the cupboard handles.

Grow fresh herbs

Have one medium sized or two to three small pots of fresh herbs growing on the window sill. Not only will it look appealing and add color, you can use it in your cooking as well.

Fresh fruit basket

Have an open cane or wicker basket to keep colorful fruits and veggies either on the table or if you have space, on the counter top. It will give a homely feel to the kitchen.

Use wall mounted racks to store wine and spices. It will add to the décor and at the same time being easily accessible.

Sending Flowers to Someone Can Make Their Day

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Anniversaries and birthdays aren’t the only reason for sending flowers to someone. How about just to say “Thinking of You.” Flowers are a beautiful way to brighten a person’s day. If you have an elderly aunt, grandmother, or mother-in-law, just think of how much they would delight in receiving the unexpected gift of flowers. It would show them how much you care and be something they’d brag about to their friends for weeks.

This is a wonderful time of year for sending flowers. In autumn, they have some of the most adorable flower arrangements to choose. There are Halloween themed bouquets with ghosts, pumpkins, or bats. If you’re not into Halloween, there are harvest-themed arrangements with beautifully colored fall leaves. Next, we are leading up to Thanksgiving and who wouldn’t enjoy receiving the gift of flowers in the form of a cornucopia centerpiece for the dinner table?

Then, of course, there’s Christmas. There are so many options for sending flowers for the holidays. There are snowman arrangements with delicate little white flowers, perfect for a young child or pre-teen. There are wreath-shaped smaller arrangements with snowflakes and holly. Moreover, who doesn’t love poinsettias? If you are in business, you could send poinsettias to your clients or even give them as gifts to your employees.

You really don’t need a holiday or special occasion for sending flowers to someone. Male or female, it shows the recipient that you care enough about them to send them a token of your thoughts to brighten their day.

Bamboo Floors

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Bamboo floors are something that looks very pretty. Many women like to have bamboo flooring because they feel it is sturdier so it will last for a longer period of time and can also withstand a lot. The cost to have these type of floors installed are also not that bad either. The hard part is just really finding someone who will be able to install the floors correctly while at the same time not cause you to have to break your piggy bank. If you are able to accomplish that little task then there should be no other major downfalls that you will have to worry about.

Bamboo flooring manufactures can easily be found by looking online. However, the hardest part is figuring out which ones you want to go with and which ones will be best to be passed. This is because as we all know the internet is full of scams. No one wants to waste their hard earned money on something just to find out they are not going to get the product that they expected or they are not going to get the service that they expected.

Overall, the bamboo will make your home look pretty and it is also very strong. So, once you have everything in order and have it installed correctly you will find out that you have made a very good investment choice.  Matter of fact, it will be one that you can be glad that you made all of your life

Got Pets? Get Floating Wood Floor!

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If you are like me, you can’t leave that dog sitting on the side of the road as you drive by.  You can’t walk away from the little blind kitten that is crying for its mother in a back alley way.  And this kindness may have left you with a few visitors that decided to stay for the long haul.  It may have even left you with more than a few.  But don’t worry, I have a great solution for you, it’s time to take a look at engineered wood floors.  I know you think you heard me wrong, but just think about the time that floating wood floor would save you if you didn’t have to clean up some accident or another for ten minutes.  And we’ve all tried to get accident smells out of the carpet before – all I can say is, you’re better off with locking wood flooring, because even though it may be expensive, do you want to live life in a perpetual headache?  I didn’t think so.

So have you seen the light yet?  I know you may secretly love wooden floors, but gave the idea up when you found cat number five, but you don’t have to.  They are special floor sealants that will help protect your floors from Fido and Fluffy, while still keeping them nice and beautiful for you.  So don’t give things up because you are selfless – you deserve to treat yourself.

Construction Claims and Management

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Construction is a robust field which a lot of the time requires things such as construction advisory services or a party appointed arbitrator. These services are very important in the industry of construction as they can make or break the project whether it is a few hundred dollar construction project or a multi-million dollar construction project. There are many companies who offer these types of services and you can find them on the web.


Construction advisory services can help with things such as coordinating the activities of the design team and construction personnel, advising about the decisions being made throughout the project, and dealing with the management of large residential projects so the client can focus on the construction process and not worry about anything else.

The use of a party appointed arbitrator is for issues dealing with construction mediation and private construction disputes. Having a party appointed arbitrator allows for a quick way to settle most disputes and will maintain the business relationship between the two disputing companies.

With any of these situations it is important to choose a company who offers top notch turnaround services. Many companies offer quick turnaround services so that their clients won’t have to worry about anything but the construction project at hand.

Construction is not all about the project, there are financial, societal, and political issues revolving around it too so you need to make sure you know the right people who you can count on to help you out with these aspects in the construction industry.

I Am Floored by the Choices in Flooring

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When one looks at all of the available choices of materials and varieties in wholesale flooring it is awesome to think about and gives rise to many queries. Flooring is such an important component of one’s home or office, and may be a topic that never crosses your mind: unless it becomes your personal responsibility. Then you have to decide on what will be the makeup and composition of a given floor, Just another one of life’s many mysteries. Flooring is an integral part of the value of either a residential, commercial, or industrial, piece of real estate property.

Perhaps the only time some people notice the floor is if it needs cleaning or vacuuming. Which is also an important point, what is involved in maintaining the chosen style of flooring? Is one variety easier to care for than another is? If so, then how much easier? In addition to the relative ease of maintenance, is one type of flooring more expensive to care for than another style or category; such as stone over glass or tile, or laminate versus hardwood?

It’s all a mystery to me because while I can appreciate the differences of the many choices on the subject, the more choices that there are can make things that much more confusing. Not only that, once one finally decides what type of flooring to go with, it gives rise to still more questions! Such as, now that I know that I would like a stone floor, from which of the several or more wholesale flooring companies that offer them do I want to purchase from, what sort of warranties do they offer and is one’s quality of workmanship better than the others? Ugh! What I need is some kind of flooring guide

Keep Your Feet Toasty with Warm Floors

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There are a lot of great things about fall and winter. They bring lots of holidays and many opportunities for spending quality time with loved ones. Fall and winter treats like pumpkin pie and hot chocolate are everywhere you turn. The downside to the colder seasons is that it can be hard to keep your house warm. However, by using floor heat, this problem can be averted.

Floor heating, also known as hydronic floor heating, is a type of heating system that employs pipes filled typically with warm water. These pipes are installed underneath the floor of a room and as the warm water flows through the pipes, it heats the room. The water used in a hydronic floor heating system can be heated through a number of different methods, including natural methods like coal, oil, or gas, by electricity, or through solar energy.

Under floor heating systems have advantages over more traditional methods such as heating through vents or radiators. In particular, because the heat is circulated under the floorboards, there are no hot surfaces on which small children or other household members can burn themselves.

In order to install floor heating, you should hire a company that specializes in this particular method. They will have the knowledge and skills to take care of this process quickly, effectively, and safely to ensure you have a well set-up floor heating system.

So, when the temperature outside is a bit nippy and you’re bundled up in your winter clothes, having warm floors will do wonders to keep your feet and toes nice and warm.

Dehumidification: How it Can Turn Your Life Around

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Does anyone ever tell you to “take a chill pill?”  Well that’s exactly what computer cooling does to your computer when it tells the fan to start.  Does it make your life easier to have dehumidification occurring 24-7 in your basement?  Then so be it.  Do you ever need help staying cool on a hot summer day?  Then maybe a fan coil unit is just what you need.  We overlook all of these wonderful little things that were put on this earth to make our lives just a bit simpler.  Why stress out about things that you cannot change, when there are things you can do to make your life and little less hectic and a little more – or a lot more – enjoyable today!

Don’t fret when things in your life aren’t going your way – you may feel like the world is picking on you, but it’s not, it’s just time to take a little breather and sit out for a few minutes to relax.  Whenever you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, it might be time for an ice cold lemonade, a chair by the pool, and a little white lie to your boss to let him know that your doctor said poolside therapy is the best policy for a bad back.  Sometimes that really doesn’t do the trick, and in these special cases, I would recommend special help – the furry kind.  Animals can be the greatest stress relievers, and they ask for nothing in return, so visit your local shelter today!

Patio Primping: The Wicker Furniture 411

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If you are considering dolling up that old, dingy patio for future use, don’t hesitate to replace that rusting iron with beautiful wicker furniture.  Wicker is the new iron, it is more popular than Adirondack chairs, and definitely more easy to clean than chairs with replacement cushions.   If you are planning on putting a new deck in, now is the best time, because winter is still several months away, and there is plenty of time to enjoy it before the extreme cold and snow sets in.  And if you are thinking what I’m thinking, you really need that outside wicker furniture to complete the image. 

But patio furniture isn’t the only thing that will spruce up your outdoor sitting area.  Think about flowers, flowering trees, bushes, and other forms of plant-life that can be used to beautify the landscape surrounding your outdoor paradise.  Or perhaps a collection of small yard gnomes to complement your wicker chairs.  Regardless of what you decide works for you, now is definitely the time to head to your local home improvement store and get cracking on the outdoor revamp. 

If you are worried about overdoing it, start small with maybe a plant or two, and add some different patio furniture that matches the furniture you already have.  For instance, if you have chairs and a table, adding a wicker loveseat may be a smart move.  Compliment  the new furniture with a new plant or two, specifically potted plants, so that they can be brought inside during the winter time.

The Mattress Protector

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I’m sure that most people who have children are a fan of the mattress protector, especially during potty training.  But there is so much more that you can do with your bed to increase efficiency, beauty, functionality, and ease of use.   Bed covers increase the appeal of your bed, with patterns and designs that most people enjoy personalizing.  Bed spreads are the most enjoyable part of a bed for me, because of the extreme flexibility of sizes and the ability to change the appearance of these items.  You can find quilted bed spread, or bed spreads with special textures such as microfiber or fleece, or suede.  You can also find bed spreads with multiple colors, designs and themes.

If you are a fan of matching items, you can often find matching items such as curtains, carpets, and a number of other things.  Pillows are a fun addition to any bedroom and are customizable so that you can find or create ones to match even the most outlandish of bed spreads.  For those of you who prefer simplicity, there is always a good deal on a set of bedroom wear, including the bedspread, sheets, curtains, and pillows, making shopping easy and painless for all.  If you enjoy making your own design, most home stores carry a huge selection of designs, colors, and themes, so that you can pick something that works for you, and your significant other or super picky roommate. 

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