How to increase storage space in the bedroom

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We use our bedroom for many purposes other than for sleeping. All our personal possessions are stored in our bedroom. A problem we are constantly with faced is lack of space which in turns the room to a messy place. With a little creativity and organizing you can add a lot of space to your bedroom.

1. There is plenty of storage space under the bed. If the bed is too low raise the bed and use a platform with drawers and add at least thirty square feet of storage space.

2. Use closet organizers and you will be amazed at how much more space you have in the closet.

3. Use a wall mounted mirror instead of a dressing table.

4. Use a chest of drawers with more drawers; it gives you more storage without taking up more pace in the bedroom.

5. The back of the room door and closet door are ideal palaces to attach a shoe rack.

6. Wooden or wicker boxes with lids can be used to neatly store away items and can also be used as stands to keep other items.

7. Adding wall mounted shelves will also give plenty of added storage.

Beam Clamp Helps Construction Lifts

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Article submitted by Hoist Direct

Construction, whether it be your business or home needs, does not need to be as much of a hassle or headache when you have the right tools available to get the jobs done easily and efficiently. Hoist trolleys are able to move up to 8000 pounds. A beam clamp will help lift things horizontally and transfer steel beams. They may also be used in construction areas in order to lift, stack, or transfer a beam or object. Beam clamps eliminate the need for slings, chokers, and spreader bars.

Using a come along will allow you to use less arm strength when it comes to raising something up or on something, such as heavy machinery or even a jet ski or boat. A come-along winch can pull anyway between 1000-3000 pounds using only one hand and ten pounds worth of effort. In order to prevent damage to the come-along winch, more modern editions come with a stress warning link the signals that the winch is overloaded and is in danger of breaking the fiberglass handle. The open frame design of the winches allows for easy inspection and cleaning of the strap and hoist. The self lubricating bearings on the ratchet strap lever and pulley allow for smooth operation without anything getting caught up or tangled. The hoist trolley can also be customized to fit various applications and needs, including being allowed to be hooked up to remote operations for a more convenient approach.
When purchasing these convenient tools and machinery, it is important to find reliable options. Be sure to look for parts that have been tested and come with a warranty of at least one year. As always, before operating be sure to read all manuals and obey the rules in order to avoid injury or damage.

Save Money With Swimming Pool Solar Heaters

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Having a pool at your home is not only a luxury for you and your family, but also an investment in your home’s worth. Houses advertised with pools have shown to boost both selling rates and prices. Not only that, but a pool is a great way to exercise without impact on your muscles while soaking up the “happy” vitamin D emitted by the sun.
            Still not convinced? Now with pool heaters, you will be able to extend the months of use of the pool by installing a pool heater and pool safety covers. These pool heaters can be purchased wholesale at a discounted rate in order to save money. A swimming pool solar heater can be very cost efficient and affordable. By relying on solar energy to heat up the pool, expensive electric bills are no longer a worry. Using solar energy is also a sustainable method of heat that does not release any harmful greenhouse gases.
            Whether you decide on an in-ground or above ground pool, you will most likely want to invest in a pool cover. These covers are important during months of nonuse for keeping unwanted leaves, debris, and critters out of your pool. If you have little ones, you may like to keep the pool covered when not in use to keep young children from accidently falling in or trying to swim on their own. These covers, like the pool heaters, are available for discounted rates when purchased from online wholesale distributors.
            Investing in a pool for your family and home is likely a decision you will not regret. Be sure to get the right equipment and accessories available at discounted rates by shopping pool wholesale distributors.

Park Recreation and Activity Ideas

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For small and large city governments, establishing healthy community relationships helps foster community trust and happiness. Most city governments spend some of their budget on community activities for its resident. Common activities include hosting community festivals, providing sporting equipment for youth sports and providing clean and safe park grounds. City governments estimate several costs when sponsoring these community activities, including maintenance, landscaping, lighting, and miscellaneous costs, such as bleachers and park equipment. However, some community leaders may be seeking new activities to sponsor at a local park. If you’re tired of the same activities year after year, consider some of the following:

1. Host a small festival at one of your local parks. Summer time provides a great opportunity for hosting themed-festivals, such as a pie baking, fruit-themed or even celebrity-based festival that pays tribute to food or a person. In order to help offset the costs, community leaders can consider lending business a booth to distribute their products, charging each business owner a nominal fee to rent the booth.

2. Provide a fireworks show for residents. Parks provide ample room for families and friends to come out and enjoy a July 4th celebration. Allow families to bring their own BBQ grills to cook their own food before the fireworks show. Consider having performers, such as belly dancers, comedians and singers perform during the cookout and before the firework show. As with the small festivals, consider charging a set fee for individuals to off set the maintenance and clean up costs.

3. Host an outdoor sports camp for kids. Sports camps allow recreational leaders to provide several physical activities for kids who want to learn new sports and activities. A sports camp provides the perfect opportunity for communities to grant children with extra curricular activities during the summer. Recreational leaders can create a camp itinerary to include hosting one sport per week while asking local high school and middle school coaches to participate as sports camp teachers.

4. Host an Easter egg hunt at one of your parks. During the Christian holiday, families can enjoy an Easter egg hunt at one of your parks. This activity is perfect for parks with large tress and tall grass areas that serve as perfect hiding spots for eggs. Consider having a barbeque before the Easter egg hunt to help generate a bigger turn out.

Remember, community activities vary on your budget and park space available. However, you can always get creative in order to save money while still providing activities for the community. For example, instead of purchasing stationary bleacher seats, purchase portable bleachers to transport seating to other parks. Do not forget, building a healthy relationship with your community requires both creativity and smart financing.

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Small home renovations can drastically increase the market value of your home. However, not all renovations add value to your home; some are more aesthetic than anything else. Other renovations may seem pricy at first but may pay out huge dividends in the long run. For homeowners looking to increase the market value of their home, renovating an essential room such as the bathroom adds considerable amount of value. However, you may be stuck on what types of small renovations for your bathroom. Remember, you don’t have to create an expensive master bathroom with his/her faucets and mirrors; you can add new floors, cabinets, sinks and even change the shadow boxes on old mirror frames to add value to your home.

Add a New Paint Job

Overtime, the paint in your bathroom starts to chip or mold due to the heat generated from hot showers. Often, the easiest (and most important) renovation to be done is to add a new paint job. When you walk into a bathroom, the color of the walls immediately grabs your attention. If there are chipped paint marks, discolored areas or even moldy spots, then it’s a sign that a new paint job is needed. Remember, you don’t need to be a professional painter to retouch the bathroom; a simple spray gun or roller will do the trick.

Cabinet Upgrade

The cabinets in the bathroom, as with the paint, are two attention grabbers that homeowners always look at when they walk into a bathroom. Cabinets may be pricey, but remember, you do not have to replace the whole cabinet if they are undamaged. The main part of the cabinet that you may want to replace is the door. If you notice the door and handles are old and chipping, then it’s a definite sign they need replacing.

Tiles and Counters

While natural stone tiles and counters, such as marble and granite, are expensive, you do have the option of purchasing ceramic tiles at a cheaper price. When shopping for tiles and counters, don’t settle on a local hardware store’s selection, instead, price match with local and online vendors. Often times, you can find bigger discounts from online vendors who buy tiles wholesale than from local vendors who may sell their merchandize at a 15% markup.


Once your bathroom is redecorated with new tiles, counters and cabinet doors, you may want to consider adding new decorative items to your bathroom. For example, if your wall mirror’s frame is looking a bit old, you may want to add a new round frame to match the new paint job and tiled floor you had installed. Towel racks and small ornaments are also great additions to add into a newly designed bathroom.

These are just some basic upgrades you can consider placing in your new bathroom. However, each bathroom will vary depending on the square feet and budget. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortunate to make your bathroom look nice.

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Ideas To Remodel Your Bathroom

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If you have been thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you know that it is going to be a big job. It is important before you hire a designer or contractor to really know what you want. It is easy to be bowled over by contractors, interior designers and architects trying to convince you of what you need and want. To save yourself some money and headache it is a good to have some plans and ideas of your own, prior to hiring help. If you understand your options and stand your ground when it comes to style and taste, you will not have to worry about being disappointed.

Design and style plans should be based on the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and are unable to expand out, you need to make the most of your space and give your bathroom the feel of being bigger than it is actually is. Small bathrooms need to be functional. A small bathroom can tend to make you feel a little claustrophobic. The best idea is to use the corners of the room. Sinks, wall mounted cabinets and modern mirrors situated in the corners leave you a greater space for traffic and movement. No matter how small the room is, your decorating choices are endless. Be creative with this, and have some fun picking out tiles, countertops and cabinets that fit your personal taste.

A large or luxury bathroom is an entirely different ball game. You have a ton of options when you have a large space. Since your main concern is not the size of the room, you have the ability to create a space exactly as you want it. Depending on your taste and style, you have options to add features like bathroom saunas, whirlpool bathtubs and even luxury showers with seating. The best part about a large bathroom can be its counter space. A double sink counter with drawers for storage can make your life easier. There are unlimited decorating options as well. Like with a small bathroom, this can be the fun part. You can go with modern furniture and colors, or give your room a vintage feel with antique mirrors and cabinets.

When you begin the process of hiring a contractor or remodeling company, be sure you discuss your budget. Be firm in getting an exact quote so that at the end of your project you are not taken by surprise. Never go with just one consultation. Make appointments with a few local companies so that you can determine who will do the best work at the best prices. Remodeling work always takes much longer than anticipated. Keep that in mind when they give you a completion date and be sure that they stay on schedule as much as possible. Remodeling your bathroom does not have to be a stressful project. Look into your options when it comes to design and research contractors before making any final decisions.

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Custom Made Furniture For Your Home

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When it comes time to buy new furniture for your home, your options are endless. Depending on your taste, style and budget there are a long list of furniture retailers, designers, and discount merchants to choose from. Sometimes finding just the right piece for a certain room in your home can be a daunting task. A great idea that can make your life a lot simpler is having custom furniture made especially for you. Designers, wood workers and textile specialists can work hand in hand with you to create a one of a kind piece specifically for your home.

You will first need to contact a furniture manufacturer, designer, or artisan who can help you get started on your project. Depending where you decide to go, you may work directly with a designer or sales specialist. Having a basic idea of what you want before you contact them for a consultation will help. Being as detailed as possible with your contact will help ensure you get exactly what you need and want for your home. If you are trying to match other pieces or wood finishes that you already have, be ready with photographs or samples to give to the professionals. There are designers and manufacturers who can create just about anything you want. From a formal dining room table to home theater furniture and bunk bedding, there is no piece of furniture that you cannot have produced.

Having couches, home theater seating or any other pieces made to order can become expensive. Be certain you get a full estimate before you proceed with your project. Custom-made furniture is built exactly to your specifications. A talented designer and craftsman will come at a higher rate than buying a piece of furniture that has been mass-produced. The costs will not only include handwork but the types of wood, finishes, and materials you decide to use. A custom made design will be worth the money you spend. It gives you a unique piece of furniture no one else you know will have, and provides you with the ability to place it in a specific room or area in your home. If you enjoy antiques but cannot find exactly what you want, you can get a custom-made replica that can be just as great.

When it comes to decorating the inside of your place you want only the best. You want to be certain that you have taken all the available paths to finding the right furniture for your home. Custom-made furniture gives you unlimited options that pre-made pieces do not. You may have a kitchen with an extremely large dining room that you need a long table built for, or maybe you have a tiny bedroom that you need to sleep two children in, and a custom-made bunk bed is a necessary. Even if you have just added on a home theater room you will need customized home theater seating. Whatever the case, custom-made furniture can be the greatest choice you have ever made.

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Integrating Pattern Designs Into Your Home

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Are you looking to make a design change in your home? Maybe you are simply tired of the same old drab, boring colors. Today, patterns are everywhere. From the fashion industry’s southwest and tribal print clothing, to eclectic up-scale restaurants decorating their dining room floor in a mix of patterns and designs that you never thought possible. There are more design and decorating shows on television than ever. These professionals are showing people every day how to turn uninspiring rooms in their home into something really special by adding blankets, wallpaper, and curtains in a variety of patterns and textures.

Having the rooms in your home color coordinated in solid hues is a thing of the past. What used to be considered good taste seems blah and somber. By adding and combining patterns in each room, you can really mix it up and create something interesting and unique. When mixing patterns together, you need to be sure that you are still creating a balance. Busy patterns believe it or not, can work in different combinations, as long as there is an element that ties the room together. One big statement pattern with a mix of smaller patterns around it , helps so that they do not become visually lost. Most likely if you have more than three patterns mixed together, you have probably gone too far. You can also use different fabric textures to create depth and some balance to your busy patterns. Buying fabric by the yard and creating pillows or blankets to go specifically with another pattern you have in your room, is a crafty and easy way to go, if you cannot find something pre-made you already like.

Maintaining consistent colors is usually your best bet, when you are trying to mix difficult patterns. Choose a couple basic colors that you can find repeated in each pattern. An easy way to do this is to keep bigger items and larger wall spaces one solid neutral color. This will give you the ability to add drapes, throw pillows, and blankets made from quilting fabric in various patterns, with the base color in each. Intensity of colors should be at the same level. For instance, mixing a bold primary color with a pastel will not work. As long as you have a core color you should never have a problem. Bold patterns with pops of color will give personality to your room.

There are a number of options when it comes to patterns that you can go with. Again, hand making your own items by purchasing fabric by the yard or quilting fabric can sometimes be the easiest and best way to go. This gives you the ability to put in patterns exactly how you want them. Ideas for patterns can come in stripes, florals, paisleys, and even nature prints. Pairing unexpected prints and patterns will help you create a complete look for your room, turning drab and boring into something lively and interesting.

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Duvet Sets and Table Cloths are the Cog Wheels of Your Living Machine

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Renowned architect, Le Corbusier, once said that the house is a machine for living. For a machine to be functioning at its best, it must be maintained, well oiled, and cared for. If it is not maintained, than it can quickly become a real headache, ask any mechanic.  It’s important to take care of your living space for the machine that it is, and it’s as easy as treating yourself to comfortable bedding, with  soft linens that grant you the good night’s rest that fuels a hard day’s work. Keeping your home in tip-top shape doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. There are a number of websites that offer the essentials to keep your house well-oiled at discount prices. 

                No good deed goes unnoticed. Guests will also appreciate the great lengths you go to in order to maintain the comforting atmosphere and good vibes your house gives off. End a good night with friends with soft and supportive duvet set for your company. Even add some personal flair with colors and patterns that will complement the lively nature of the time shared with your guests.

                Get festive for any occasion. There is no shame in going all out. But that is no new news for you, the outgoing and hardworking homeowner. Everything must be perfect, lest the night be incomplete. You have to cover all of the bases, and by bases I mean tables. Snag that circular tablecloth and show the world that you’re no square.

Los Angeles Home Remodeling and General Contracting

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Living in the Los Angeles region and are considering some remodeling work on your house? Before you throw down the big bones for such a project, it’s important that you make an educated decision. Consult with General Contractors Los Angeles who will work with you, the client, to better understand your needs and work to accommodate them all while providing competitive prices.

Remodeling is a very big decision. Maybe you’re doing it to increase the value of your home, or maybe you’re just trying to turn your house into your personal domain that is outfitted to satisfy all that is uniquely “you.” Whatever your reason, Home Improvement Los Angeles offers a number of services to fit any need. From kitchens to bathrooms, and even additions and custom homes, no proposal is too grand. Work directly with architects who will consider everything from efficient floor plans to your budget to create the living space that is right for you.

The Los Angeles Home Remodeling scene is on the rise. Stay savvy, learn the language of construction, take personal interest and place your input throughout all of the remodeling process. Know the ins and outs, from green construction and solar power to proper insurance claims and remediation. Make an informed decision, which shouldn’t be too hard to do with information being so readily available at your fingertips these days. Utilize any information available, and get hip  with this popular industry and you could be living in your dream home sooner than expected.