The Importance of Metal Powder

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The need for atomized metal powder technology is great and its need is spread across a diverse set of industries such as brazing, welding, chemical, electromagnetic and metallurgical applications that will not be able to do without this product.

To say the least, most of these industries depend on this simple product in its various forms that are produced at different levels of compressibility, green strength and purity.

Take for example the process of welding which is vital to several industries requires coated iron particles so that the efficiency of the weld deposit increases to a larger extent. These iron powders are vital to two types of welding namely shielded metal arc and flux cored arc welding.

Since the function of the iron powder is to ensure that the weld deposit is of the right chemical analysis, this will also ensure that the welding job completed will stay in place.

Yet another example of how important this powder is becoming to the automotive and heavy machinery industry is becoming evident with the use of soft magnetic materials in rotating devices such as motors and compressors.

With the automotive industry also moving towards electric power steering, alloys built from these materials are increasing in demand due to the need of these applications for high density in magnetic properties and precision.

These two applications are but two of the many reasons why this product is needed more than ever since it is an important cog in the wheel for the production of different kinds of machinery across several industries.

Benefits of a Floor Buffer

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Keeping the home or office clean is a mandatory task. With a large surface area to cover, this task can turn out to be a painful and tedious one especially if you are very particular about getting it done with perfection.

These days floor buffers are considered to be one of the best ways to get the job done as perfectly as possible as they can handle a variety of tasks such as washing, cleaning, shampooing and drying. Using one of these will ensure that you have a floor that is as good as new, and this is just one of the many benefits.

So, here are three benefits that come with using a floor buffer for your offices or homes:

#1: Efficient

Using a floor buffer can get the job done quickly. You can bid goodbye to countless hours of manual labor in getting your home looking spick and span when you use one of these machines to clean your home. Of course, you can then get a few more hours of free time in the process.

#2: Reduced Effort

Without these machines, the efforts required to clean your home was much more as you would have to painstakingly go over every inch of your home in order to get it to look spotless. Yes, you guessed it – backaches were imminent if you had to accomplish these tasks every day. With a floor buffer at your disposal, you can now minimize the efforts in using one of these machines.

#3: A variety of buffers to choose from

Since the surface area you need to clean might be different from offices to homes, there are a variety of buffers to choose from since there are several brands offered in the market. The prices also vary as you can get cheap to expensive machines too. This is true if you are looking for a carpet extractor too.

Humidity and Dehumidification

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Dehumidification is the process of getting rid of water vapour in the air. This can be done in 3 ways: Cooling or vapor condensation, Adsorption of water vapor and Absorption of water vapor. Dehumidifiers can help accomplish this task.  

Humidity is the amount of water vapour present in the air. It is a combination of air and water vapor. There are 3 types of humidity, Absolute, Relative and Specific. Absolute humidity is the mass of water in the unit volume of air. Relative humidity is the most common type and is felt almost all over the world. It is the amount of water vapor in the air at a specific temperature. Specific humidity is the ratio of water vapor to dry air in a specific mass.

Cooling the air or vapor condensation can be achieved by using a portable air conditioner , a cooling fan or a fan coil unit; these things reduce the humidity by cooling the air. When the air is cooled below dew point, some of the moisture in the air is condensed and is then drained out. Adsorption of water vapor is when an adsorbent material is used to absorb moisture in the air and lessens humidity. Silica gel packs are an example of adsorbent material used for this method. Activated alumina is another adsorbent material, it is 90% aluminium oxide and is very porous, and it can absorb 60% of its own mass. Absorption is a process in which humidity is reduced using absorbent materials such as a calcium chloride solution.

Heated Tile Floors to Keep You Warm in Winter

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Electric heated floors are great during cold winter months because they keep your floors warm which is especially useful with kids around the house. Kids can catch a cold by walking barefoot on cold floors, whether it is hardwood floors or marble floors. This is why more people prefer to install flooring that has heaters. Everyone prefers to have warm floors as opposed to freezing cold floors, especially during the winter months.

Underfloor heating is a common thing in countries which have winter as a season. It is built like an electric blanket except it’s a floor tile. The heaters are usually made of fibreglass mesh backed rolls that looks like a mat and is installed directly where the tile or stone is to be set. It is easy to install so you can do it yourself and does not cost that expensive as well. There are no special tools needed to install these floor heaters and most first time floor installers will be able to install them easily if they follow the instructions well. The first step of course is to take measurements of the area of the floor, so you will have an idea on how much floor tiles you need. Don’t estimate, because this will only lead to unnecessary time consumption and a possible cause to waste of money.

There is a wide variety of nice heated tile flooring to choose from, there are ceramic tiles or stone tiles. Stone tiles are more popular thought because they tend to look homier than ceramic tiles.


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Most of us complain about the lack of space in our kitchen. A messy, cluttered kitchen is not an appealing place to spend time even to prepare a simple meal. So how can we maximize the space in the kitchen and make it look bigger?

Paint the kitchen with a light color as this will make it look more spacious whereas dark colors make a room appear smaller. Choose light colored flooring as well.

Add more cabinets; they can be under and over the counter tops and paint them the same color as the walls. Use these to store kitchen appliances without cluttering counter tops. Cluttered counter tops will make the kitchen look very cramped. Place your microwave oven on a shelf over the counter, hang pots and pans on a pot rack and use a utensil rail to hang spoons and ladles, this will not only clear your counter but will give you easy accessibility as well.

Use blinds or shades instead of dark, patterned curtains to let in natural light during the day and fix a skylight if it is still dark. Install a good lighting system to use during night time.