Is Your Life Too Busy with No Time for Fun?

Meditation therapy works for people of all ages. It can relieve pain and stiffness in our muscles while getting to the root of the problem. And this is a very simple affordable solution. If you need guidance, then teacher Zhang Xinyue has written a book called Create Abundance. She shows us how we can let go of everyday problems and look inside our own hearts to find peace.

Zhang Xinyue has established herself around the world with business leaders looking for solutions to the stress and difficulties that they face each day. She helps us see that as we begin this journey, we must search our hearts to see what truly lies there. We must deal with negative emotions that are holding us back. If we have a limiting belief system, then we must overcome it and believe for abundance. We can have abundant relationships and amazing lives if we let go of unforgiveness. We must forgive others to be forgiven.

These days, people all over the world suffer with migraines. You may be worried about your children or spouse. You may be worried about your career. Many of us work 50 hours a week. We have so many obligations pulling at us. There’s no time to just close your eyes and give thanks to the universe.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance has said this:

“At different levels people have different defects. Without clearing up your character flaws at the low frequency, it’s hard to attain high one. That’s how much wellbeing we can receive after all.”