Creating the Mindset of Abundance

Article by Zhang Xinyue

The universe itself is one of abundance. Just look up in the Sky at night. There are billions of stars and planets and so much life in the universe that it can be difficult to imagine it. The earth is like that too. There is abundance all around us. From the trees and flowers to the lakes and rivers, the earth was designed to recreate itself.

Limiting Beliefs

So how do we go from such an abundant world to our limited beliefs? It all begins in childhood when we are told that there isn’t enough money for new toys or new clothes. We’re told that there isn’t enough for a great vacation or piano lessons.

It’s important to retrain the way we think. We must adjust our thinking and believe in our hearts that abundance is ours. It’s there for us. All we have to do is reach out and take from the abundant world we live in.

Once we start down the path of abundance and begin to create that new mindset, we find joy and peace within ourselves. Living a life of poverty and lack brings no joy but succeeding and becoming everything that we desire to be will result in inner contentment.

However, as you start that journey, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture of abundance. True abundance begins in the heart and mind. We must find peace within our own souls. We must live in harmony with nature and those around us.

This type of joy, contentment and happiness is contagious and lasting.

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