Historic, Vintage and Antique Roof Repair

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If you own an older, historic home in Chicago, Illinois, chances are you will be in serious need of roof repairs.  In fact, according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the roof is a logical place to start “when you think about ways to weatherize your older or historic home.”

However, roofs are one of the most crucial era-defining elements of older and antique homes. This is why it is important to maintain, repair and or replace your historic roof the proper way, including everything from selecting the right style of roofing shingles to the installation of gutters.


But not all roofing companies can handle the job. On the contrary, many roofing companies simply don’t have the expertise and experience to work on antique or historic restorations without damaging the original roof or providing the same old world craftsmanship often seen in older homes. This is why it is important to choose a Chicago roofing company that specializes in historic, vintage and antique roofing, such as Todco Roofing.

Todco Roofing provides historic, vintage and antique roofing services in Chicago, Illinois. Along with repairing historical roofs, Todco can fabricate historically accurate decorative metal work, flashings, copper gutters and downspouts with the same detail, roofing materials and quality. When you need a roofing company in Chicago that can handle historic roof repairs, call Todco Roofing.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Projects

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Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. They key to budget-friendly kitchen and home remodeling in Chicago is learning where to indulge and where to cut back on cost. Here are a few inspiring kitchen makeover projects for ideas on where to cut corners and where to splurge.

Say yes to hardwood floors. One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen and provide a warm feel is to install new hardwood floors. With so many hardwood flooring options on the market today, including affordable and eco-friendly bamboo flooring, it is easy to find flooring that meets your needs and budget.


Embrace retro styles. You may not want to get rid of the checkerboard flooring in your kitchen.  If you love retro décor, consider enhancing the look by painting the cabinetry white and adding vintage-style appliances such as a white vintage sink and faucet.

Invest in new appliances. Unfortunately there is no way to fix old appliances. New stainless-steel appliances will give your kitchen a modern edge.

Hire a professional. Repainting your kitchen cabinets on your own is one thing, but remodeling the entire kitchen is another. Invest in hiring a professional Chicago home remodeling company to help upgrade your kitchen. An experienced and professional remodeling company can not only provide ou with exceptional services but will also give advice on where you should splurge and where you to make use of existing décor, saving you time and money in the long run.

To get started on designing your dream kitchen, contact Greg Pamer and A-1 PAM.

Three ‘Good Bugs’ to Have in Your Garden

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In protecting our garden in the past, there was no distinction between good and bad bugs. However, in recent developments, it has been discovered that these good bugs are an asset to anyone’s garden due to the fact that they eat the bad ones, thus eliminating the need for harmful chemicals such as DDT.

Here is a list of good bugs that you can attract to your garden that will take care of miscreants that normally cause havoc.

#1: Ladybugs

This is an answer to a gardener’s prayer due to the fact that they will eat aphids, scale, leafhoppers, mealy bugs, and all sorts of soft-bodied bugs in the bargain not to mention that their appetite is insatiable. You can just imagine how this helps your garden. Some of the species are the twelve and seven spotted ladybeetle and the Convergent ladybeetle.


#2: Praying Mantis

This bug is well-known for its ability to eat the males after mating among a host of other insects such as grasshoppers, grubs, caterpillars, beetles, and more.  They do no harm to people, their pets, and the plants that you wish to protect.

#3: Hunting Wasps

These insects are often thorough in their search of pests as prey, and almost all of the species of this type of good bugs are instrumental in controlling garden insects pests. In the case of the Polistes paper wasps, they will search every nook and cranny of a plant for caterpillars.

Shopping Wiki

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ShopWiki is a very extensive site that really brings the entire world of online retail to one location.  The site itself does not own any of the products that they display.  Instead they attempt to bring all the products from the online world of retail into one convenient location for consumers to shop from.

This helps to establish ShopWiki as a unique shopping comparison engine that includes all retailers on the Web including stores that do not pay for inclusion.  ShopWiki is able to do this by providing a variety of links to various online market places for the consumer to start shopping from.  It means that a shopper can find any product, and every store, to get the best deal, or simply confirm that the store they wanted to buy from originally has a price they are comfortable with.  It’s about the fairest way to shop, save time on research, and save money.

They also have an assortment of buying guides, like their shoe buying guide, to help shoppers who are in need of help picking the right product.  Or ShopWiki can also help shoppers find rare and unusual items that are difficult to find and buy online or in a physical store while still providing competitive shopping deals to the consumer.

Even though ShopWiki is a fairly new site, having been established in 2006, they have already seen rapid growth and are expanding overseas into Europe.  Their services are being provided internationally to shoppers and sellers alike in locations such as:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Australia

This opens up the market even further by allowing these countries to buy and sell between each other for the best possible price.  ShopWiki’s success is thanks to their idea of bringing all business and consumers together into one single place.  And in doing so they are providing healthy competition for business and the best prices possible for consumers, which is something much needed in these hard economic times.