Verbena Care

Verbena is more of a genus name than that of just a single plant. There are a number of plants under this name and they have different characteristics. While they are different, they have in common the fact that they need care and love, in order for them to thrive. If you take care of the verbena as you should, they will manage to survive and you will love the benefits that they bring with them.

You can plant either perennial or annual verbena. Both options can be found if you go to a garden center. In a garden center you can also found a number of varieties to choose from. While some survive the frost better, others are woodier and some are more sensitive when it comes to the cold. If you get a tender variety, expect to take more care of them, especially when it comes to offering them sunlight and protecting them during frost. Planting verbenas means that you can expect the bloom period to be during the summer, which they will keep doing until the frost shows up.

These plants are quite colorful, so they will enhance the look of your garden, making it look more lively and bright. You can find both bi-colored and solid colored verbenas. You will find a number of shades of yellow, white, red, orange, purple and peach. In some cases verbenas will seem like they have eyes that are cream colored. They have thin leaves, with the shape of a lance and the color is green. From experience I can tell you that the foliage can look great if it’s fine cut.

The growth habit of the verbenas are loose and sprawling, so they go well in containers and hanging baskets. Taken singularly, their flowers are small, but when they are in clusters they look absolutely great.

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