Vacationers Keeping the San Juan Islands Clean

Each year on National Public Lands Day, the residents and vacationers on San Juan Islands get together to focus on cleaning up the islands. Places like this have such beautiful natural resources. The sea, the beaches, the trees and flowers … they’re all so lovely and tourists really enjoy relaxing in a cabin by the ocean or a cute cottage inland.

You can bring the whole family, even the dog and enjoy a week or more of this natural beauty. There are countless things to do and places to see. Every photo is so lovely. But it does require some vigilance from tourists to keep the San Juan Islands in pristine condition.

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Many tourists will take at least part of one day and get their family together to do some cleaning. This is a fun activity for everyone and all you need are gloves and trash bags. You can hike up a mountain trail and pick up any refuse along the way. Styrofoam can be especially harmful for many birds and animals. Your family could explore Smugglers Cove or take photos of the mountains, the beach or the sea.

If even a small percentage of tourists were to do this, there would be no trash problems around the islands. They would remain beautiful and unspoiled for everyone. Giving back something is such a positive thing to do—especially when it comes to Mother Earth.

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If you’ve been thinking about going, you’re sure to find the San Juan Island Rental perfect for your family. There are large lake houses by the sea and small cabins in the woods. You’ll discover a number of San Juan PM services that can help you find exactly the right place for your family.

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