Updating Contact Lenses for the Modern World

Most people now have smartphones but there has been a rise in the popularity of wearable technology. Fitness trackers and smart watches that stay on your wrist have a certain appeal, as you can get a number of notifications and view relevant metrics by just glancing down at your wrist. Even if you do not have your phone on you, you can still get the information you need when you want it. Scientists are trying to take this a step further by developing 3D printed contact lenses that can bring the connectivity straight to your vision.

Critical Information, Anytime

Even those who do not need prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses from stores like could benefit from the smart technology. Imagine a world where you could closely monitor your blood pressure, your heart rate, and other important health metrics with just a quick glance. People who are more prone to seizures could get access to a special lens that could make the condition more manageable.

Something for Everyone

Apart from health benefits, there are a number of practical use-cases that could make the technology all the more attractive to people who are willing to pay the price for a bit more convenience in their lives. For instance, being able to receive notifications, get navigation updates, receive emergency messages, or get real-time restaurant recommendations, based on your food preferences, budget, and location, could make 3D printed contact lenses worth it to some consumers. Rather than needing to take your phone out of your pocket, relevant information could pop up as you move around.