The Importance of a Good Mattress for Kids

To a child, their bedroom is their sanctuary. In a world where they have to follow the rules and directions of everyone around them, their bedroom is the one place where things can be exactly the way they want them.

The most important part of the bedroom kids have for themselves is the bed itself. While it may not be as fun as the video games or as cool as the beanbag chair, the beds teen kids and adolescents sleep on are important to their growth and development. Many kids get hand-me-down mattresses from older siblings or other family members. But why were they replaced with newer mattresses? The reasoning one person doesn’t want them; they’re uncomfortable, old, etc., are the same reasons a child or teen wouldn’t want them either. And just because the mattress being replaced was once a top of the line model doesn’t mean it still is after a decade of use. The common notion of “When I was a kid, I could fall asleep anywhere,” may be true, but it doesn’t mean support and quality isn’t important for growing bodies.

For younger children, a comfortable mattress can make bedtime a much more pleasant experience, rather than something seen as a punishment. Especially when the frame is something fun like a molded design of movie characters or themed around a favorite hobby. A teen bed needs to provide enough room for the child to grow and relax; one reason full-size beds are becoming more popular than twin-size mattresses. Even if it’s just adding a foam topper, providing children with the most comfortable and supportive bed possible is important to their health and happiness.

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