Ideas for Backyard Furniture

 photo Ideas for Backyard Furniture_zpsjft6yijk.jpgMore and more often, homeowners are foregoing the expense of premade backyard décor and embarking on their own creative DIY projects. There are many benefits to investing in custom cushions, including versatility and cutting costs. Another bonus is the knowledge that you are upholstering your cushions with 100% foam from Canada, manufactured and distributed right here at home.


Whether you are planning to upholster a set of deck chairs from scratch or simply redecorate with new cushions in time for the long-awaited days of summer, no project is complete without high quality foam. It is an important investment to make that will ultimately ensure that your backyard furniture remains in good condition for years to come, regardless of the elements.


A style of foam called “Dryfast foam” is the standard for outdoor, weather-resistant cushions of all styles. Dryfast upholstery foam from Canada is designed not only for patio and deck furniture; it is also very popular for use aboard yachts and other watercrafts where moisture and precipitation is a constant issue.


Designing a brand new custom cushion for your backyard or patio furniture? Seat cushions can be cut into an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, including L-shapes and T-shapes. Large pieces of foam can be cut into any requested shape necessary to fit a specific cushion.


Custom cushions stuffed with quality foam are not only aesthetically pleasing but also luxuriously comfortable—and considering how often you and your family will be using them in the summertime, both of these aspects are crucial. Your guests will be impressed with the uniqueness of the design, and comfortable while seated on soft, downy cushions.


Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for The Foam Factory Inc., a global leader in custom-cut foam products shipped directly to consumers.

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