How Unlimited 4G Rural Internet Can Help Rural Residents Beat Latency

Because many mainstream Internet providers do not do business in rural areas of America, rural residents have come to rely on two common alternatives to traditional Internet providers. Companies that provide unlimited satellite Internet and unlimited 4G rural Internet are usually in competition for the title of best rural Internet service provider. While both types of rural Internet service providers have their own strengths, 4G mobile Internet beats most satellite Internet providers in one key area: latency.

In computing, latency is defined as the delay in response time or how long it takes for a web application to respond to a user’s action. If an Internet signal has to travel a long distance, it will naturally have more latency than one that only has to travel a short distance. For this reason, 4G mobile Internet service providers such as UbiFi can usually offer lower latency to their customers than many mainstream satellite Internet providers. Companies like UbiFi use cell towers abundantly strewn throughout rural America to provide Internet service to rural homes.

Since cell towers on the ground are much closer to rural homes, mobile Internet may be the best Internet for rural gaming, especially if you play high-performance multiplayer games that require quick reaction times and low latency. If you work remotely from a rural residence, it may also be a good idea to rely on a low-latency Internet provider like UbiFi to ensure you don’t run into any issues understanding your boss or co-workers during work meetings.

4G mobile Internet is also a good option for people looking for RV Wi-Fi plans good for gaming during road trips into more remote areas of the country. Because of the ubiquity of cell towers, many users can still get a fast, low-latency connection while driving off the beaten path and through less densely populated areas.