Choosing the right floor for indoors and outdoors

Article by UNDFS

Flooring is important for everyone. Yoga in the den, hosting parties, kids playing inside and out, and many other activities require a suitable floor surface. Your floor should be durable as well as comfortable. Since the flooring adds to the value of your home color, style, texture, and pattern should be chosen carefully.

When choosing flooring for your home, your life style should come first. Think how you will be using the space. If you are a cook who spends hours in the kitchen standing, tile could make you uncomfortable. But if your kids make a mess in the bathroom and leave puddles of water, tile is the best. Those with pets should know that their pets bring mud into outdoor spaces when they play outside. So, concrete may be a better option for some of your outdoor spaces.

Consider the cost of the flooring. Not just the flooring material, what you put underneath is also adding to your cost. You need to budget for the removal and disposal of the existing floor and it should be part of the consideration. Some vendors charge for delivery and installation could be very expensive too. Taken all these together, your choice should match your budget.

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