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Are you planning to change the flooring in your home? Trying to decide between the classic timeless beauty of hardwood floors and the cozy, warm comfort of carpeting?  There is more to choosing flooring than what the eye can see.

The main advantage of hardwood is that it is easy to maintain, just vacuum and wet mop and you have a spotlessly clean floor. But carpeting needs regular vacuuming and shampooing, but will still have residue dirt, dust, pet dander and mould trapped under the weave and padding. This makes carpets unsuitable for people suffering from allergies such as asthma.

Regular wear and tear would discolor the carpet over time and liquids or food spilt on the carpet will leave unsightly stains, which would require the carpets to be replaced. Therefore carpeting should be avoided in heavy use areas such as hallways, living rooms and kitchens. On the other and hardwood flooring could last a lime time with proper maintenance.

Where cost is concerned, regular grade carpeting would be more affordable to install than hard wood flooring. Plan out your budget and you could use a combination of both to maximize on function and cost.

Get Yourself A Portable Room Air Conditioner

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Setting up air conditioners in your house is an expensive affair. Not only do you have to buy air conditioning units for each room, but you also have the added expense of maintain multiple units going forward, including repairs and filling up gas. This is where a portable room air conditioner comes in. No installation charges, no breaking walls, just plug and play. A single unit or two will be more than enough to move around a house.

When it comes to offices or server rooms, portable air conditioning units will not do. You need proper cooling systems that utilize newer fan coil units that can provide the kind of cooling needed for data centers.

In addition, these portable air conditioning units also serve as dehumidifiers. They serve a dual purpose and are useful in a variety of scenarios. Take for example, flooding or water damage. The first phase in water damage restoration in your house is to setup the portable unit. Running it will dry out the moisture and help accelerate the restoration process.

Michelle Obama wants to revamp Garden at the White House

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Article by Peter Tumasian of Home and Gardens

First lady Michalle Obama may plant flowers on South Lawn of the White House. Last time a first lady took up gardening at the white house was Jacqueline Kennedy. Aparantly, Michelle Obama has a love for gardening.

White House chief florist Laura Dowling says “In terms of using things from the garden, I feel like that’s in the works. We all know about her organic vegetable garden, and all she’s done to promote healthy eating and living. I think the next step then is a cutting garden,”

Dowling recommends roses and hydrange to start out with, along with tulips.