Prehung Doors vs. Slab Doors

Prehung-Doors-vs.-Slab-Doors.jpgArticle by Best Businesses

A prehung exterior door and a slab door are two options that you can choose from when it’s time for a replacement. A slab is a door itself without the frame. A prehung door is set in a frame. Each option has its own benefits, and there is no clear winner. Ultimately, it’s how comfortable you feel when it comes to the installation process.

Prehung Doors

If you don’t have an existing door frame, you might want to purchase a prehung door, because you won’t have to worry about severely damaging the surrounding area around the door itself. If your previous frame is so damaged or warped that you can’t fit a slab door in, then your other option would be to use a prehung door.

Prehung exterior doors are extremely heavy and make it difficult for one person to do it by themselves. At least 2 people should handle these types of doors to minimize any injury. The installation process also takes somewhat of a while to complete, but they do take out the step of installing the frame.

Slab Doors

A slab door is what you would normally think of when you hear the term. It’s just a wooden door composed of wood, steel of fiberglass. There’s absolutely no frame around it, and you’re left to deal with the entire installation process. This is a great way to cut costs if prehung exterior doors are too costly, and if your craftsmanship and woodworking skills are exemplary, then you might want to go this route.

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