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    How to Keep Your Dog Away From Your Flower Beds

    Summary: Dogs tend to let their curiosity take over when it comes to playing outside. This could end up with you seeing your beloved plants trampled and destroyed. Are you searching for a solution that’ll prevent your garden from being destroyed by your furry friend? Here are some tips that’ll protect your beloved garden from being “doghandled” while you’re away. Block Off Your Garden Area Flower beds tend to be an alternate resting spot for your pup. Simply drive some small, stubby stakes into the ground throughout the flower bed and they’ll essentially deter them away from your garden. Additionally, if you want your dog to stay out of freshly…

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    New Money-Saving Trends in Weddings

    Written by: Flower Explosion LLC As more couples look to stretch their wedding budgets, there are new trends growing in the wedding industry that can lead to real savings and a unique ceremony. Weddings are notoriously expensive, but more couples are finding ways to pocket extra cash from their wedding budgets. From DIY centerpieces created from bulk flowers to local venues, there are plenty of ways your wedding can have a great look for a low cost. Backyard Weddings Know someone with a large house? If so, you could try hosting a back yard wedding. Wedding venues may charge catering fees, or force you to use their caterers for the…

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    4 Tips to Protect Your Garden

    Keeping your vegetable garden alive is already challenge enough dealing with watering techniques and soil replacement. Pest control can become an even bigger thorn in your side, especially if you want a natural approach to dealing with nature’s challenges. You can build an aluminum wire fence, but that won’t keep the bugs out. There are humane methods to deal with this issue, but it does take some planning to keep your garden safe. Garden Boxes A garden box is like a raised platform where you grow veggies. You can utilize some stock lumber to built this advantageous structure. Raised gardens tend to keep soil warmer and prevent people trampling the…

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    Why you should consider container gardening?

    Container gardening is not just for those who live on limited space. It is also for those with ample space to grow plants and vegetables. There are several reasons why you should consider container gardening. You can grow on containers regardless of the season. You can easily move containers to get ample sunlight. You can’t get this benefit from a traditional garden. Weed and disease control are other advantages with container gardening. Insect damage is also less with containers. It is also easier to maintain moisture that is much needed for growing plants and vegetables. One big disadvantage is that containers are unable to support large trees. However, you can…

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    Ways to make Gardening Easier

    Even if one likes gardening and wishes to pursue it as a hobby, there will come a time when the number of tasks in the garden will test the patience of the most willing gardener. However, there are some tips that people can make your gardening easier and that pretty much based on common sense. 1.       Ensure that you have good soil Good soil ensures that you have good plants, and in order to get some good soil, ensure that you have the current soil that you have tested for essential nutrients that plants needs or for its pH level. 2.       Raised beds and containers Containers are the best way…

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    The Best Orchids for Weddings

    Known for their exotic texture and appearance, orchids are a timeless flower. No wonder they are popular in weddings. The choice of orchids is crucial when planning to use them for a wedding, or as a wedding present. Here is a friendly guide to orchids and weddings. But first, why are orchids such as great hit at weddings? For one, they come in a variety of colors. Orchids can come in tiny blossoms or one big bloom. Orchids are long – lasting too, so you don’t have to worry that they would wilt on your special day, because they will not. The best orchid to have on your wedding day…

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    Is artificial grass turf a good substitute?

    While there are several reasons why one can switch over to using artificial grass turf instead of its natural version, the most important one of all is that, in the case of sportsmen and women, it reduces the rate of injury in sporting competition. This by itself, saves the organization they play a lot of headache. This rate of injury is reduced greatly due to the fact that the playing surface is smoothened out much more, and therefore, players aren’t as likely to cause themselves harm not unless the game by itself is a rough one. On the other hand, artificial residential turf could be used for lawns that can…

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    Why one should pick synthetic grass

    The pleasures of having a beautiful garden where one can sit and watch Mother Nature in all its glory can sometime be eclipsed by the several issues such as pests and troubles of the like that can threaten to ruin the little sanctuary you call your garden. In most situations like these, maintenance counts for a lot, and if you don’t have a gardener, this can mean a lot of hard work. A viable option, therefore, is an artificial grass lawn which not only lasts longer (and is secured by a warranty) but also requires little or no maintenance when it comes to building your own natural garden. For most…

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    Recent Remodeling

    This is a guest post by my friend Alex Tarkelton Our house was in need of a storm shelter. Where we live tornadoes are something we see all the time. We decided to do a bit of remodeling and add a cellar in our backyard. This would also increase the value of our home when we sell it someday. We did a lot of calling around but eventually went to homeproimprovement.com and finally found someone that would install it for us. For the peace of mind it would give me, I felt the price was more than fair. Once our remodeling was done to our backyard, we had a nice…