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    California Dental Malpractice Lawyer Weighs in on Statute of Limitations for Dental Malpractice Claims

    Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney at www.Dentalmal.com. When you need the legal services of an experienced California dental malpractice lawyer, contact Dane Levy. With a larger influx of dental malpractice cases, the courts seem overwhelmed. Some of these come out of situations where a dentist was simply not properly trained on a procedure and made mistakes. Some of the dental malpractice claims come because of defective dental devices. Quite a few involve dental implants. These have become popular because they give the patient the look and feel of real teeth. This is an expensive procedure and not all dentists have the skills to complete it. When this occurs, the…

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    Property assessment consulting services

    Most people will not understand the legalities involved in buying or selling a property and will often be disappointed after a purchase is made, due to additional costs or because the property does not meet the buyer’s/ seller’s initial expectations. The main reason for these unpleasant surprises is because critical information does not come to light before the property is purchased or sold. Therefore getting the assistance of real estate lawyer can help the buyer receive an unbiased assessment of the value of the property and the estimated financial costs associated with the project the buyer wants to create. Law firms specializing in real estate law will also have a…

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    How to conduct a good project meeting?

    It is important to understand that meetings cost the company money as it is time each participant/ employee can spend on other work commitments. Therefore, organizing successful meetings should be every meeting facilitator’s goal. Here are some tips on how to make your meetings productive and well worth everyone’s time. Prepare in advance – Plan ahead and have a clear idea of what will be discussed. Assign tasks and ask participants to bring in information that will be important for the meeting. Have a detailed agenda – A well-planned agenda will keep the meeting flowing and help make decisions happen. An agenda will also keep your meeting on track and…

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    Steps to prevent construction project delays

    Written by Lyle Charles Construction delays can cause a project additional funds and open the company to claims. Claims can also incur costs for a firm as they may need to hire experts from construction advisory service firms to assist the company with the case. Therefore, including steps to reduce construction delays is a sensible way to ensure that your project is on time, profitable and that the construction firm maintains its reputation. Here are some steps to prevent construction delays. Start right – Accurate planning will help to reduce delays. Therefore, look at creating an accurate estimate with a realistic schedule. Planners should look at areas that can cause…

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