• Business Services

    How businesses should respond to negative reviews.

    Article provided by Revdex.com Negative reviews are part and parcel of business operations. While most businesses dislike negative reviews, if negative reviews are looked at in a positive light they can be an effective way to gather customer information while supporting business growth and brand loyalty. Here are some simple strategies that can help businesses respond to negative reviews: Be aware of negative reviews – Monitor review websites such as Revdex.com, Google, Yelp, and Facebook to identify negative feedback as soon they are posted. Respond to negative reviews – Responding professionally and thanking the customer for their review, will place the whole situation in a better light. Avoid responding immediately…

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  • home-improvement

    How you can use wicker furniture for your backyard

    Blog provided by Wicker Paradise Many people are drawn to the intricately weaved design of wicker furniture. The patterns of wicker furniture are simple but elegant and are a seamless fit for Victorian, bohemian, and tropical aesthetics. The beauty and grace of wicker furniture make them a popular choice for living rooms and interior design. But what if you could use wicker furniture to transform the aesthetic of your backyard or outdoor patio? Applying interior design principles to outdoor patios is a growing trend among well-to-do Americans and home design enthusiasts. Many homeowners have added outdoor living areas, dining areas, and even television sets to their backyards and patios. Many…

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  • health

    Importance of orthodontics

    Article written by Elite Dental Group. The main purpose of an orthodontist treatment is to alter a person’s tooth alignment and reposition their jaws. When a person’s jaw and teeth are aligned they will be able to eat and pronounce correctly. Additionally straight, well-aligned teeth are easier to clean and are less prone to decay, disease, and injury. Most often people will need to see an orthodontist if they have inherited an alignment problem, or have misaligned teeth due to thumb, finger, or tongue sucking. In some cases, sports accidents, poor nutrition, and dental habits are to blame. If teeth are misaligned, seeing an orthodontist is necessary as teeth will…

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  • Travel

    Vacationers Keeping the San Juan Islands Clean

    Each year on National Public Lands Day, the residents and vacationers on San Juan Islands get together to focus on cleaning up the islands. Places like this have such beautiful natural resources. The sea, the beaches, the trees and flowers … they’re all so lovely and tourists really enjoy relaxing in a cabin by the ocean or a cute cottage inland. You can bring the whole family, even the dog and enjoy a week or more of this natural beauty. There are countless things to do and places to see. Every photo is so lovely. But it does require some vigilance from tourists to keep the San Juan Islands in…

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  • Legal

    California Dental Malpractice Lawyer Weighs in on Statute of Limitations for Dental Malpractice Claims

    Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney at www.Dentalmal.com. When you need the legal services of an experienced California dental malpractice lawyer, contact Dane Levy. With a larger influx of dental malpractice cases, the courts seem overwhelmed. Some of these come out of situations where a dentist was simply not properly trained on a procedure and made mistakes. Some of the dental malpractice claims come because of defective dental devices. Quite a few involve dental implants. These have become popular because they give the patient the look and feel of real teeth. This is an expensive procedure and not all dentists have the skills to complete it. When this occurs, the…

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  • health

    Creating the Mindset of Abundance

    Article by Zhang Xinyue The universe itself is one of abundance. Just look up in the Sky at night. There are billions of stars and planets and so much life in the universe that it can be difficult to imagine it. The earth is like that too. There is abundance all around us. From the trees and flowers to the lakes and rivers, the earth was designed to recreate itself. Limiting Beliefs So how do we go from such an abundant world to our limited beliefs? It all begins in childhood when we are told that there isn’t enough money for new toys or new clothes. We’re told that there…

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  • Fashion

    Where to Find the Best Exercise Equipment Deals on Black Friday

    With the holidays coming up so soon, you might be wondering what to get for those people on your shopping list who are hard to buy for. We all have loved ones that seem to have everything and will not give you any clues about what they would like for Christmas. One item that is often overlooked is exercise equipment. We’d all like to get healthy and in shape but most of us need a bit of encouragement in order to do so. That’s why giving the gift of exercise equipment is such a great idea. Of course, you could just buy this for yourself this year to improve your…

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  • Shopping

    7 practical wedding gift ideas

    Article provided by Curacao Having trouble thinking of a gift for the special bride and groom in your life? Here are seven suggestions for gifts they can make good use of for many years. Silverware   Give them an elegant gift they can use for three meals a day. Check brands such as LIANYU and Gibson for high-quality cutlery. NutriBullet Blender   Continuing the kitchen theme, this precise blender has the uncanny ability to extract nutrients from fruits, nuts, and other plant-based ingredients. Bed sheets   Bed sheets may be an essential home need, but it takes a discerning eye to find the best looking and most comfortable bedding. Check…

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  • Hardware

    How spinal alignment can affect your choice of mattress

    Blog provided by The Foam Factory When you’re looking for a mattress replacement, what factors into your choice of a new mattress? Mattress price, size, and your preferences for firmness/softness will certainly play a part, but have you considered the importance of spinal alignment for sleep? Spinal misalignment is often the cause of back pain, one of the most common sources of discomfort and sleep disturbance. If you suffer from chronic back pain before and after waking up, it could be a sign that your current mattress is either too firm and uncomfortable or too soft and unable to support the natural “S” shape of your spine. In light of…

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  • Hardware

    How bass traps work for sound absorption

    Blog provided by The Foam Factory If you’re familiar with acoustic foam, you probably know the basics of how it works. Sound waves cause echoes and reverberations when they bounce off hard surfaces that reflect them throughout a room. By installing acoustic foam panels, you can eliminate many of those echoes through the foam’s sound absorption qualities, including dissipating the energy from sound waves as heat. It might surprise you to know that there are also other types of acoustic foam that help absorb specific types of sound waves. Bass traps or bass blockers are designed to absorb low-frequency sounds. This is important for smaller rooms because these spaces tend…

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