How spinal alignment can affect your choice of mattress

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When you’re looking for a mattress replacement, what factors into your choice of a new mattress? Mattress price, size, and your preferences for firmness/softness will certainly play a part, but have you considered the importance of spinal alignment for sleep?

Spinal misalignment is often the cause of back pain, one of the most common sources of discomfort and sleep disturbance. If you suffer from chronic back pain before and after waking up, it could be a sign that your current mattress is either too firm and uncomfortable or too soft and unable to support the natural “S” shape of your spine.

In light of this, a mattress that is flexible enough to adjust to the contours of your body while also firm enough to provide adequate support is the most ideal choice. Foam is an ideal material for this type of mattress because it is not rigid and unyielding like innerspring mattresses, but it changes its shape when pressure from a body is applied to it while still retaining its density and support. This is crucial for pressure points, or parts of the body that push into a mattress unevenly. A good foam mattress will allow these pressure points to sink into the mattress without disrupting your spinal alignment, resulting in maximum comfort and support.

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