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How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

dining-214981_640For a bit of fresh air and outdoor scenery, most people enjoy lounging in their front or backyard and taking in the views. Outdoor spaces are typically decorated with plenty of potted plants and patio furniture for an extra place on the property that can be used for leisure. With dust, weather, and insects, the furniture can often become dirty and difficult to enjoy. To ensure that you keep the space clean, it’s important to clean your outdoor cushions for a comfortable and inviting area that is easy to lounge on.

Many cushions on patio furniture have inserts that are easy to remove. Take the cushion filling out and wash the canvas with a mixture of borax, dishwashing detergent, and warm water. The mixture can be sprayed on the surface and saturated into the fabric, which will remove mildew or mold that has developed. The detergent can be removed by rinsing the canvas with a garden hose. Turn the cushions upside down to ensure that excess water drips out of the zipper while it dries.

After cleaning your outdoor cushions or purchasing new ones, it’s a good idea to add a fabric protector, which will make them resistant to dirt and grime that circulates in the air. It will also make the cushions easier to clean in the future by simply wiping them down with a wet rag. Spot clean any stains when needed with a water-based cleanser or soap and avoid using a pressure washer to remove dirt, which can destroy the threads and cause the material to rip.

Another way to clean outdoor cushions is by machine washing each piece on a gentle setting after removing the seat foam. Avoid drying the material, which can cause it to shrink and make it difficult to fit back onto the cushions. The fabric can air dry outdoors before being placed on the foam.

For mildew stains that have developed, a chlorine bleach product can be used and diluted with water to preserve the condition of the fabric while cleaning it. You can also replace the cushions inside with filling that is resistant to mildew to prevent future stains from developing.

By properly cleaning outdoor cushions on a consistent basis with a variety of different methods, it will prevent discoloration and deterioration of the fabric due to the abrasive texture of dirt and grime. With proper care for outdoor cushions, it can extend the time that they’re used and enhance the quality of your exterior space.
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