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Create your own throw pillows

Written by The Foam Factory

Throw pillows are great to have in the living room. When place on a couch, they add a touch of warmth and are quite welcoming. These pillows can also be thrown on the floor next to a coffee table to provide a moroccan or japanese decor to a room. Commercial throw pillows are quite expensive and would constitute of a considerable investment, especially if you require a good amount of them. You might also not be able to find the exact design or color that you require to complement your room’s decor. Creating your own throw pillows will help you solve these two issues.

The Fabric

Depending on the style and design that you would be going for, you might opt for linen, cotton or even silk fabric. The fabric will need to be sufficiently durable, especially if you intend to sit on your throw pillows.


The standard dimension for making your own throw pillows will be 16 to 18 inches on all sides. You might want to leave about a quarter inch for the folds. This will yield a classic square pillow. You might want to change the dimension depending on your project.


Your custom cushion will then need to be filled with foam. Custom-cut foam can easily be ordered from foam companies. Carlo Badalamenti has risen to the position of VP of a foam company. Throughout his career, he has provided advice to clients on various foam projects.

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