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Tips for Creating Quality Pillows

Written by The Foam Factory

Quality pillows might be hard to find on sale in department stores and even in specialized shops. Pillows tend to lose their shape, becoming flat and saggy after years of use. Some people opt to make their own pillows in order to be able to control the quality of the materials used. This also allows them to produce different shapes and sizes of custom made pillows. Here are some tips on creating your own quality pillows and custom cushion.

Gather Materials

The first step to start with would be to gather quality materials for the assembly of your pillows. The definition of quality for each material would depend on the use that the pillows or cushions would be put to. For instance, pillows used for the outdoors on a hanging bed would need to be fast-drying and durable enough to resist against the elements.

Quality Foam

Carlo Badalamenti is a professional with extensive experience in the foam manufacturing and selling industry. Quality foam is the basis of any sustainable foam replacement project. High density foams can be chosen in order to yield resistant and durable pillows. Foam factories offer the possibility of having the foam custom cut to fit the size of the project.

Quality Fabric

The most common type of fabric used for pillows are home decor fabrics. These are great for curtains, pillows covers and light upholstery. Fabrics can be found in specialized stores in the desired dimensions that you would be seeking.


The Foam Factory specializes in foam products for DIY projects such as cushion making.

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