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Sometimes Flowers Need Extra Protection

Written by: Ez Biz Niz 

While gardening generally requires a good amount of persistence and patience, gardens might need extra care and attention during the winter season. Some tender plants might unfortunately be at risk even in the lightest frost. Some plants might also require additional support to be able to grow properly. Fortunately there are several ways in which plants can be protected from the cold and wind.


In order to protect your plants from the adverse effects of winter wind and temperature, you might consider wrapping them gently. This will protect flowering plants and their delicate flowers especially.

Potting Flowers

You might also consider keeping your plants potted rather than planting them directly in the soil. This will enable you to move them into direct sunlight when they might be needing it and to keep them indoors if the need be.

Keeping them indoors

Delicate flowers might be better off indoors. They will also provide a touch of color to your room and uplift the decor.

Know when to do it

You might plan to start protecting your flowers even before winter is here. Otherwise they might already start getting damaged with the first winter winds.

Temporary greenhouse

You might protect your flowers by building a temporary greenhouse from fencing and visqueen. Electric fence supplies can also help to keep animals and insects at bay.

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