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How to extend the life of your furniture

Written by The Foam Factory

With adequate care you could prolong the life and durability of your furniture. However, it is inevitable that during the lifespan of a furniture some parts would have to be refreshed and replaced. The upholstery for instance, is the part that is most prone to be damaged.

Damage Causes

Furniture made out fabric often lose some of their shape and color with time. Moreover, upholstery that are made out of faux-leather are often cracked in various spots. People having pets often see their furniture damaged by their claws. Apart from the exterior parts, the foam would be needing replacement as well. After several years of usage, sofa seat cushions tend to drop down and become saggy. With some simple steps you might be able to extend the life of your furniture.

Paint and Varnish

The life of wooden furniture can be effectively extended by regularly applying a fresh coat of painting and varnish to them. Before doing that, the previous coating might need to be scraped off either by using sandpaper or a scrub brush. The furniture can then be nourished with wood polish and cream.

Foam Replacement

In order to bring back the bounciness of your coach foam, you might consider going for a foam replacement. Generally high density foams tend to be more long-lasting and convenient to be used for couch fillings and beddings. Most companies would offer the possibility of having the foam custom cut to fit the dimensions of the project.

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