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A “Greener” Option For Your Household Furniture

Written by: The Foam Factory

You may not realize it, but your sofa may be a home for petroleum and all of its hazardous side effects. Thanks to new technology, there are greener options that you can take advantage of to keep your household safe and clean. Here are some tips on why you should convert to a “green” sofa today.


Many household furniture items including sofa cushions, bedding, and chairs, contain chemicals that can be hazardous to one’s health. Furthermore, once disposed, it wreaks havoc on the environment. Now, in order to turn your home around into an environmentally friendly option, you’ll want to obtain healthy sustainable furnishings to replace the carbon-filled products that you may currently have.

When you are considering buying new furniture or replacement cushions, it’s always best to use products that are made with the most natural materials. Manufacturers tend to use large amounts of petroleum in the production process of synthetic latex foam. When you purchase environmentally friendly furnishings, you’ll help reduce the use of petroleum which will make an impact on the environment as a whole. Essentially, the less non-renewable resources that the world uses today, the bigger the impact it’ll have on it as a whole. Some alternatives that you can purchase are synthetic latex foam and soy based foam. These two products are all-natural and do not exhibit any potential hazardous symptoms to both human and the earth alike.

Natural Latex

Though it may be more expensive than traditional synthetic, natural latex is 100% natural and does not pose a threat to the environment. Natural latex is essentially derived from the rubber sap of a tree with other natural fillers. During the manufacturing process, unnecessary waste is eliminated from the latex. You can even say that every tree is used to its full capacity. Natural latex can be found in chairs, mattresses, and cushions. There have been sleep studies that have proven that users have experienced a more sound sleep when they’ve switched their new cushions over to natural latex. Furthermore, this environmentally friendly resource is biodegradable and mildew-resistant, providing you with little worries.


Another option that you can choose is soy based foam. Soy foam is typically polyurethane foam that is made to replace a certain percentage of petroleum. However, it is now 100% renewable. It’s still a positive step towards a healthier environment.

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