Make sound changes to your irrigation system

Article by NYCZ

States such as California are experiencing severe drought that has not seen before. States as well as local authorities are imposing restrictions on water usage and trying to find new sources of water and manage existing resources available. More and more homeowners are electing to remove existing inefficient spray irrigation systems and replace with more advanced irrigation systems. Spray systems are inefficient because they release more water than the soil can absorb at the time of spray resulting more runoff. Here are few things you can do.

  • For lawns, install rotating nozzles that evenly apply water and they are more resistant to wind and other hazards. They spray water slowly and uniformly allowing more absorption.
  • Bubblers works well for shrubs and trees. When place near the tree or shrub trunk, they bubble on the soil with no spray. Slow pooling of water allow deep penetration and creating a berm or basin may promote efficient water use.
  • Drip irrigation is more suitable for trees, shrubs as well as individual plants of all kind. They are more efficient on slopes and allow water ever slowly without causing runoff. They are good for heavy clay type soils too.
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