The Power of Testimony

There is nothing more powerful than the testimony from others, in this case hard of hearing customers. These people have taken the time to read the product information and purchase a Hue Hearing device.

After they have experienced their purchase by using it and testing it out for the 90 day trial period they have made their assumptions and uploaded them to the website.

Here are some of the testimonials and reviews that are verified and taken directly from the website to demonstrate how satisfied and happy these users are that they purchased hearing aids from Hue Hearing.

“Quoted a ridiculous amount by an independent advisor as I have narrowed ear canals from surfing in cold water for many years, though I’d nothing to lose by trying these. Both ears were just over $200. Proved to be a wise decision and saved me thousands…”

Mike B

“I hesitated for a long time to purchase any type of hearing aid. Did not want to pay the exorbitant price. I ordered two of these Hue Hearing Buds several months ago and could not be happier. It took several weeks of experimenting to get the volume where I wanted it but they are wonderful for watching tv, understanding friends, attending church and seminars and being able to hear. My husband is especially happy that he can turn the tv volume down. I was surprised to realize how high it needed to be for me to hear. I am a happy user!”

Mary B

“Well into my 80’s been a hearing aid user for 30 years. I have used hearing aids of all styles. I have paid thousands of dollars for them. I ordered and paid for it but did not expect very much. A shipping delay had we worried but it finally arrived and is now being used. I am delighted. I just had to activate the battery and I had instant use. I am sorry I doubted because this product is far superior to any of the ones I have used in the past and at a small fraction of the cost of clinical service ones. Another order will be on the way for a backup spare.”

Reg C

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