Swimming pool maintenance 101

Article by EZ Biz Niz

A backyard swimming pool can provide hours of fun for kids and kids at heart. Instead of hiring a professional to maintain it you can find fun by maintaining it yourself. Failing to maintain a pool spell disaster for swimmers due to high amount of bacteria or algae and creates an ugly sight. Insufficiently maintained pool can damage its surface over time. This is why maintenance is so important for an in-ground pool.

Most important aspect of pool maintenance is chemical balancing. Sufficient chlorination is a must for a healthy pool and its viability and longevity. Next is the balanced pH level. By testing water twice a week with an appropriate pool testing kit is necessary to see chemical presence in the water. During warm months you need to run water through the filter at least for six hours each day.

Vacuuming the bottom of the pool at least once a week is a must for a well maintained pool. Warm weather will require more vacuuming to control algae buildup. Even if you use a machine to clean the floor manual cleaning may be necessary to clean hard to reach areas. Check the bag and the filter for debris accumulation and cleaning.

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