Daybeds: a multi purpose piece of furniture

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1Written by Wicker Paradise

Daybeds are a peice of multi purpose furniture that is a must have in any busy household. Daybeds are designed to function as a couch/ chaise lounge and bed. They usually are built with a back and sides. This piece of furniture design comes as indoor and outdoor pieces. They are also made as stable or hanging pieces. There are many benefits in investing in a daybed. Here are a few of them outlined.

Increase your seating and sleeping space – Daybeds can function to increase your current seating space as well as add to extra sleeping space, when needed.

Suitable for small spaces – For small homes or apartments, daybeds easily fit into compact spaces, without overcrowding the livingroom or bedroom.

Improves relaxation – Research suggests that daybeds that hang from the ceiling, can improve sleep, since the slow swinging motion aids in relaxing the body. It is also a comfortable choice for readers, who want to relax with a good book.

Stylish – A daybed can bring a sense of style and class to any space. For outdoor furniture, wicker works best, since it is durable and weather resistant. An outdoor wicker daybed, looks great beside a pool or as additional seating next to an outdoor fire or BBQ. Outdoor wicker daybeds can also be bought indoors to add to seating or sleeping space. Indoor daybed styles are minimalistic and create a sense comfort, without giving away style. To add color and interest to a daybed, play with fabric textures, colours and cushions.


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