Don’t Jump the Gun When Painting your Doors

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Article written by Proud Indianz

For Colorado native Allison, do-it-yourself projects have always been a hobby. While the majority of them turn out to look like they should, sometimes a small error can cause a massive headache.

Allison loves the color of black to go on her interior doors. She loves it so much that one day she decided to go on a painting spree and blacken out ten doors in her home. So she begins on her first door. No problems though so far as it matches her living room perfectly. She continues on to her second door and excitedly finishes it. She breezes through the next eight doors and finally stands back to admire her work. Her huge smile turns to horror as she notices that she made a huge blunder.

Because the manufacturer used latex oil on her doors, her oil-based paint solidified and turned into a film that began peeling off. Devastated, she immediately began to try and handle the situation as best as she could… by peeling off the paint. After taking off as much as she possibly couDon’t-Jump-the-Gun-When-Painting-your-Doorsld, she decided that the only way her house wasn’t going to look haunted was to repaint it all over again. Only this time, she would use the right type of paint.

If this has ever happened to you while repainting your door, you’ve probably learned to research your doors a little bit more carefully now that you’ve gone through the horror story of your own.

Be sure to check with the door manufacturer to confirm what type of gloss or paint that they have used on your day before beginning to repaint it. It’s better to be safe than seeing your house littered with paint film.

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