Density Matters for Foam Seat Cushions

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Foam Seat CushionsWhen it comes to selecting the right foam for a replacement sofa cushion, density matters. Choose a foam that will stand up to the constant pressure of people sitting on it in order to have cushions that will last.

Written by the Foam Factory, Inc.

Replacing the foam in your sofa cushions is a great way to breathe new life into an older piece of furniture. With a small investment of time and money, you can get your couch to feel as comfortable as it did when it was first purchased. However, not just any foam will do. You need to make sure that you are buying the right cushion foam in order to get the right feel for your sofa.

You might be tempted to go down to your local fabric store and purchase a low density piece of foam to use as the replacement foam cushion. While this can work as a short-term fix if you need something cheap and quickly, you’re also getting what you pay for. Low-density foams will compact and wear down quickly, meaning that you’ll soon have the same problems with uncomfortable foam cushions that you had before.

Instead, it’s important to purchase a foam that is dense enough to last through years of use. As you might expect, the seats on your sofa will see the most impact, so it’s important that they have the foam with the highest density levels. One way to tell this is by looking at the Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) rating of the foam. This is a basic rating that shows the density of the foam. You’ll typically want a foam with an ILD of 25-35 for your sofa seat cushions. Back cushions will receive less constant pressure and can be a lighter density, usually between 15-25 ILD.

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Choose the Best Filling for your Couch

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Choosing a new cushion filling for your couch doesn’t have to involve as much research as you probably think it would. It’s actually fairly simple. Couch fillings usually consist of foam, feathers, polyester, or all of them together. This is a long term investment and should be bought for longevity and quality. The best types of filling stay soft and comfortable for years. Here are some brief descriptions of each type of materials that you can fill your cushion with.


If you want to stress softness when it comes to new cushions, you would most likely be happy with a feather-filled one. A cheaper option, many of the feathers come from ducks or chickens as companies can mass produce these. The downside to feathers are that they have a problem drying properly if wet. If you are considering a feather-filled cushion, a water-resistant cover would be a good buy.

Down is the luxurious upgrade from regular feathers as they are more expensive but are also extremely comfortable. Down is basically the fur from a geese’s underbelly. When it comes to down, especially a cushion that is one-hundred percent down, it can build up in lumps and give off an uneven level. If you want a more stiff and supportive feel to your cushions try looking into foam that is covered with an outer layer of feather and down.

Polyester also remains a popular and cheap option for buyers. Polyester has smoothness to it and also proves very durable. This is a good alternative for people that have feather allergies. It’s long-lasting and built for toughness. The downside to this type of filling is that it can flatten out really easily.

Foam, one of the most common choices for a couch filling, has extreme versatility. Available in different densities that decide how soft or firm your cushion will feel, it’s ideal for people suffering from joint pains or muscles pains. A high density will equal to more support and stiffness while a lower density has a soft to medium feel to it. There is also the HR, or high-resilient density which not only provides a strong support level but it’s made tough to last the wear and tear of daily use.

Various manufacturers produce custom foam cushions that are a combination of these fillings. Each filling has its’ own characteristics and by combining different ones together, you can create your ideal comfort level. Speak with a foam expert today to see the possibilities.
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The Benefits of an Electric Fence

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By Farm Supply Store

Most people would love to have a fence for their homes. Most people would also imagine the same type of fence too. It would be wooden or chain-linked. However, not everyone has the same needs. If you live in a rural area, an electric fence wire probably makes a lot more sense. You probably want to increase your property value, which fences are great for, but you probably also have a number of animals in the area that you’d like to keep out. Those of you living on a farm also want to keep your animals in place too.

Farmsupplystore2This is why an electric fence installation makes so much sense. It’s the most practical type of fencing for those who live in the country and have unique needs that must be met. It also helps that this type of fencing is more affordable than ever. In fact, if you’re even remotely handy, you can probably handle installation all on your own.

Furthermore, unlike other types of fences, this kind won’t block your view. Living in a rural area means you probably have an amazing landscape to take in from every window. So don’t miss out on this amazing element by installing a big fence that will take away from it.


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