Three Steps for Measuring Custom Replacement Foam

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Three-Steps-for-Measuring-Custom-Replacement-FoamWritten by Carlo Badalamenti

The Internet has made it easier than ever to quickly get replacement foam for your couches and chairs. All you need to do is send in the correct measurements to a leading site and you’ll receive your new foam within a short period of time. This means that you have to know how to properly measure the foam to make sure that it will fit your seat cushions. Here are three tips to make sure you get the job done right:

Measure the cushion without the foam. It’s important that you take the foam out of the cushion to get the most accurate measurements. Measure the width and height of the cushion from side to side at any point where the cushion has an angle.

Sketch the measurements with the correct dimensions. When you are measuring and writing down dimensions, it’s easy to get confused about which measurement goes in the right place. You can eliminate the potential for mistakes by making a sketch of your custom cushion replacement before you start measuring. After you do this, you can write the dimensions down where they belong.

Get the proper measurements. One issue that can lead to people getting the wrong measurements is measuring from corner to corner. Because the seams will pucker up at the corners, this can mean that a measurement you take there is smaller than the size foam you actually need for a snug fit. It’s also important to measure the depth of the cushion along with the width and the height.

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Creating a Backyard on a Budget

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Creating a Backyard on a BudgetBarbeques and celebrations often take place in backyards. Many people believe that making improvements to your backyard will cost a pretty penny. Ideally it could, but if you are on a budget, consider these factors.

Painting a Picture with Plants

Plants add bonus points to your backyard. When they are well-maintained and thriving, they can turn a dull space into a lavish display. There is a downside to this, different plants require different treatment. Many homeowners place an abundant amount of exotic plants throughout the entire yard. This may make your yard look gorgeous, but the amount of time that you would need daily to maintain them wouldn’t be worth it.

Simple Landscaping

Landscaping can be expensive. You can still create a quality backyard without having to renovate the entire plot of land. Use simple rock paths and lighting fixtures to illuminate your steps. Try planting a tree to provide much-needed shade on hot summer days. Research your local greenery for local plants. They require less maintenance and cost a lot less.


Adding a small fountain can really add serenity to your backyard. It can be an escape from the bustling traffic and function as a therapeutic addition. You can find small fountains for under $200. With a low installation time, it is a great cost-efficient addition that you would want to consider.

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Building a Closet on a Budget

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Diy closet systems can be frustratingly expensive. Luckily, there are ways that you can save money and still create a fashionable closet.

What Price Range You Should Expect to See

There are many kinds of closet storage systems out there on the market that are affordable. You can expect to pay under $200 for a basic set-up, and still have the full functionality of a high-end system. If you are going for a step up and want to add customizable features, you can look to pay $500 to $600. Rather than getting a professional to install it, which is also great, you can save loads of money by pursuing alternative options for your closet system.

Customize Your Closet with Everyday Supplies

Using everyday supplies can be a great substitute. Sometimes, the most unlikely items can serve a purpose. For example, a kitchen utensil rail could hold several ties or belts. Pegboards can be placed on doors to provide a safe haven for your hats and scarves.

The Usefulness of Hangars

Hangars have become sort of a multi-purpose tool now. They have become a big part in closet organization and can clear out a whole bunch of space. Think about it, removing the bulky shoe rack in your room and replacing them with hanging racks can clear up enough room to get that walk in closet design feel to it. Tiered and cascading hangars can hold pants, trousers, shirts, etc. and are a cost-efficient product. The constant demand for more space means big-time changes in your closet, and the addition of more hangars.

Add Some Storage Bins

Storage bins are great for dividing items. You can go with plastic bins to create some order out of your closet chaos. By carefully placing them in an orderly fashion, not only will you prove designer gurus that you can build fashionably, but efficiently as well. Besides, you do not want to lose your sanity when you are looking for that specific watch or set of earrings.

Create Your Organizing System from Scratch

There is also the route of creating your organizing system entirely from scratch. Meaning, there will be plenty of woodworking and elbow grease involved. If you are the handy type and are looking to go this route, remember that measurements should be precise and fit accordingly with the space in your closet. An inch or two off of your mark could potentially force you to start over.

Even with a limited budget, there are still ways that you can organize your closet and still make sure that you do not sacrifice style and purpose.
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Add a Fence for a Better Yard

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By Farm Supply Store

Every house has a backyard. Although it may not be the most prominent feature—being behind the house, after all—it’s still one you should pay attention to. For one thing, it may still be plenty visible to many. If nothing else, you see it all the time and what about when you have guests over? On nice days, a lot of people enjoy sitting out on their deck or patio and enjoying a view that involves the backyard.

Farmsupplystore2There are a number of ways you can go about making your backyard look much better. You can add a garden. You could build a patio or even a grotto. Some people install fire pits. However, no addition is going to be as prominent, yet practical as having a fence. Gardens come close, but hey, you can always add a garden fence to the equation.

At Farm Supply Store, Jason Governo has been helping people pick out the best possible fence for years. No matter what kind of home you have or what kind of fence you have in mind, you’ll find a fence that makes the most sense for your needs and looks amazing all at the same time.


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Bedding Tips that will Transform your Room

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Bedding-Tips-that-will-Transform-your-RoomWith the right mixture of color and comfort, your bedroom will come alive in the most vibrant fashion. Here are some styling ideas that will help you create a new look for your room.

Make Your Bedroom Bold

Utilizing the “hot-and-cold” feel of retro colors will definitely evoke a modern bedding feel to your bedroom. Reinforcing your color scheme through contemporary bed making means the addition of accent pillows. Create a bold, vibrant pattern throughout your bed spread, and then cool it down with your neutral-colored pillows for a harmonic, balanced look.

Find Your Style

Every bedroom should be customized to your true liking. When you retreat to your humble abode, you become royalty the second you step through that gateway you call a door. You can have a professionally-designed bedroom without the designer, or the costs. The job is already done for you in the form of a bed in a bag, which contains everything from pillow cases to sheet covers.

Don’t Forget Kids

When it comes to teen bedding, do not be afraid to mix and match. Coordinate with your teenager and work with what they like. Incorporate their hobbies or their interests and pitch a design to them. It will take time for them to accept what you have to offer and there might be several routes you could take your ideas, but know that not only will you take away a memorable project, but also a bonding experience that you and your teen can look back upon for years.

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Choosing Durable Exterior Doors

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Choosing-Durable-Exterior-DoorsWritten by ETO Doors.

When you are ready to replace your front doors, you have several factors that you need to consider. The aesthetic qualities of the doors are important but you also need to think about their durability. You want your front doors to last for as long as you’re in the house so it’s important that they are made from sturdy materials that will resist wear and damages.

Many people assume that you need to choose a non-wood material such as fiberglass or steel in order to have truly durable exterior doors. It’s certainly true that you can choose one of these materials and wind up with an entry door that will last for years to come. Both fiberglass and steel are very strong and resistant to many types of damage.

But you can also opt for wood front doors and get the same level of durability that you might expect from other types of doors. There are several ways that you can choose wood doors and ensure they will last:

  • Choose the right type of wood. Selecting a strong and durable type of wood such as mahogany will go a long way in helping your doors last for a long time.
  • Use a high-quality finisher in order to give your wooden entry doors an additional layer of protection. These finishes will add extra beauty to your doors along with increasing their durability.
  • Inspect your doors regularly for damages. Cracks, scratches and peeling paint are all things that can are best treated if they are caught early.

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